32 Hours Of Rain

When I went to bed on Tuesday night, it was raining heavily here. I lay in bed listening to the sound of it, driven against the window by strong winds.

Then I woke up on Wednesday, and it was still raining torentially. It carried on that way until just after midday, when a break in the weather allowed me to have a dry dog-walk with Ollie.

But by 3pm it was back, raining just as heavily as earlier.

Later that night, the rain increasd in intensity, as did the noise of it striking the house. When I went to sleep, it was still raining. When I got up this morning, it is still raining. The house is dark, and I have my SAD lamp in operation at 8:30am.

After such a long and hot dry summer, I had seemingly forgotten just how much relentless rain like this can so badly affect my mood.

58 thoughts on “32 Hours Of Rain

  1. I never despair the rain in California because it is such a rarity. If we do get a storm, it is short, and always less than we hoped expected. We ought to house swap for a season. The sun never stops in California and you would love that. Hugs, C

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    1. I doubt that my house would be up to standard compared to yours, Cheryl. I don’t have a dishwasher, waste disposal, or a giant fridge like most houses I see in America. 🙂
      But if you want lots of rain, then Beetley is the place for you! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  2. Welcome to my world 🙂
    Twice this week I’ve come in, soaked to the skin, thrown everything I was wearing into the washing machine and climbed into the shower to warm up 🙂

    Then I have a coffee, get dressed in working clothes just out of the tumble drier, put on the ‘back up’ waterproof, and go back out again

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  3. Hi Pete, I am sure relentless rain can get you down. I am still so relieved we are getting rain, I can’t complain about it. We’ve had a few weeks of rain, and we can get a few days of constant rain much like you have described. We don’t get it regularly like you do though, only a couple of times a year, if we are lucky.

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  4. Ahh yes! I can relate to your suffering! I hope it ends soon. We had a couple weeks of heavy rain in October and early November but the last week or so has been kind to us, with clear skies, and cold but with lots of sunshine!

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  5. Oh dear. I hope it lets up soon. My father was very affected by weather but in his case mostly it was being cold. People always laughed about the British climate but I seem to have experienced quite a variety. At times it was damn cold but also stifling hot a couple of times. What did get to me was the damp that gets into your bones.

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    1. The rain is still pouring, with more forecast. There are now flood warnings for parts of the UK, and it has been quite dark all day today. (Now complete darkness, at 4:25pm.) It is actually quite depressing, Carolyn.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. We have a freesat dish that is on a frame that hangs over the edge of the roof just above our bedroom window. ( We are in a bungalow so it is high up) The rain drips from the ehd of the frame onto our windowsill so we hear tap tap tap all night. I have to put cotton wool in my ears to deaden the noise.How I hate the rain!

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  7. You have my sympathy, for what it’s worth, Pete. Your area seems to get all the rain which sometimes, but not always, makes its way up to us. It’s been pouring here since yesterday evening, if that’s any consolation 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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