More November Sunday Musings

This past week has been dominated by the weather. To be specific, rain. Relentless rain, day and night for days on end. I wrote about it on a blog post, and despite a dry day on Saturday, it started again overnight. As well as being unpleasant and affecting my mood, it has caused chaos further north, with flooding in Eastern Scotland causing the death of a woman who was swept into a river in Aberdeenshire. I really don’t want to hear one more person say, “It’s good for the garden”.


Otherwise, it has been an unremarkable week in Beetley. I have stuck to my routine, and so has Ollie.


There was a government ‘Financial Statement’ during the week that basically announced tax rises for everyone, and a windfall tax on some oil companies. We were told to expect austerity and slow growth, and some ‘difficult decisions’ to come until the next election. This from a Prime Minister with a personal fortune exceeding £30 million, five houses, a bilionare wife, and a salary of £162,000 that he should really give away to charity, as he doesn’t need it. And from his sidekick Chancellor, a man on a salary of £153,000, plus expenses up to £200,000 in addition to that. Austerity is not something those people will ever comprehend.


Julie has been baking, making Bread Pudding. It is delicious. Readers outside of the UK may never have heard of this cheap-to-make cake, so here is what it looks like, with a recipe.


Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a very enjoyable Sunday.


49 thoughts on “More November Sunday Musings

  1. Sorry about so much rain! Strangely we have been on a dry streak here in the Pacific NW, and if it continues for one more day, it will break records for longest dry streak in November. I’ll try to remember that when the rain returns as inevitably it will. But I won’t be ‘unhappy’ about it after reading your last post, just a bit gloomy if it lasts too long.

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  2. When I was a Congressional Fellow in the mid 60s for a year, I loved the bread pudding one could get in the Senate Cafeteria under the Capitol. As I recall it was on the menu to keep southern Senators happy. warmest regards, Ed

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  3. Ohhhh Pete Bread pudding,my Mum used to make that regularly, miss that so much oh and bread and butter pudding, I found how to make that and did so when my Son and Daughter visited thinking they loved it. Confession time my Daughter confessed she couldnt stand it but finished it just to please me, what great kids

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  4. (1) Rain is good for Mr. McCleod. “That’s a load off my back!”
    (2) Said the rooster to the hog, “Does sticking to your routine make you a stick-in-the mud?”
    (3) Prime Minister Sunak will be eating prime rib. Enjoy your leftover meatloaf!
    (4) My mother used to make chocolate pudding cake. We often put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. Yummy!
    (5) I’d enjoy a hot fudge sundae today, but I just had one last Thursday. Fortunately, I’ve just learned that I’m not unhappy about this.

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  5. We grew up on bread pudding here in the wilds of Vermont as well. We didn’t have much money for desserts, and mom would squirrel away bread heels in the freezer until she had enough to make a pudding. It was always laced with cinnamon and nutmeg, and when we were lucky, she’d make a hard sauce to go with it. Great memories.

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    1. I learned something about America today, Dorothy. You do have bread pudding! I had always thought it was only in England. 🙂
      We have sultanas in ours as well as the spices, and no sauce or custard. We eat it in the hand, like a lump of cake.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Everyone I knew had bread pudding on the menu! Sometimes mom would put raisins in too, or some sliced up apples when they were in season.
        It’s funny, I checked my blog and I’ve never posted a recipe for a sweet bread pudding, just a savory that I make as an alternative to turkey stuffing. I’ll have to remedy that!

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  6. I hope the windfall tax against Big Petro is Big. Here there is talk about a windfall but nothing yet. Oil is the same price a barrel as a year ago, but gas is a dollar more a gallon than a year ago and the Big Petros announced record setting profits. And unlike England, all of our gas comes from our own country.
    And yes, we have bread pudding. My mothers was so great.

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    1. Diesel for my car is still around £10 ($12) a gallon, Don. BP and Shell made obscene profits by blaming the increases on the war in Ukraine.
      Glad to hear you have enjoyed bread pudding too.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. Oh bread pudding! My mum used to make it and it is still one of my favourite things. It won’t make you feel better, but in Buffalo NY they just got 6 feet of snow and are now getting another heavy snowfall. The “lake effect”. They are used to snow but this is unprecedented! The big problem is where to put it all even if you are able to dig out. And it’s only November!

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  8. Totally fed up with the rain too and despite this our main reservoir is still very low, should have situated it in a different location methinks! I used to make bread and butter pudding to use up stale bread, chucking in dried fruit or bananas. The kids loved it. We rarely have any bread these days though and I freeze it so it never gets stale.

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    1. Julie buys the sliced white bread especially to make the Bread Pudding, Jude. I have unsliced bread, usually wite or granary farmhouse. I have a sandwich every day for lunch before taking Ollie out.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. The bread pudding was very tasty, Robbie. Julie is taking some into work tomorrow for her colleagues to try. This is different to bread and butter pudding, as you will see from the photo on the recipe. (I like that too.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. Same back to you, Pete. It’s not actually raining here, right now; even the odd glimpse of the sun; but it wouldn’t surprise me if that is short-lived. Should be a standard Sunday for me, I hope, a nice easy day. Cheers, Jon.

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