Random Photos Of London: 1880s-1970s

A horse-drawn bus and its conductor, 1880s.

A young girl cuddling her cat. Spitalfields, 1890.

The Rotherhithe Tunnel under construction. South London, 1906.

The same tunnel in regular use, 1930.

Women chatting in a street in Spitalfields, 1935.

Small boys teasing a guardsman at the Tower of London, 1959.

An impromptu street dance, 1970s.

33 thoughts on “Random Photos Of London: 1880s-1970s

  1. (1) The horse-drawn bus is pretty good. The wild horses here in Nevada prefer to draw landscapes. Have you considered hoofing it to Gallop’s Art Gallery (GAG) here in Las Vegas to check out their artwork?
    (2) The cat’s name is Charlotte. While ‘cuddling’ the cat, Miriam whispered, “Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte!”
    (3) The Rotherhithe Tunnel is not only under construction, it’s also under South London!
    (4) Some tunnels should remain off limits to triple-decker buses.
    (5) Those women are chatting about the men who refuse to chat them up.
    (6) Overheard:
    Little cowboy #1: “Sir, is that thing on your head an American bush?”
    Tower guardsman: “A what..?”
    Little cowboy #2: “You know, an Am-bush!”
    (7) The street dancers are celebrating Morrell’s 365th “Rainy Day Sale.”

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  2. Another great collection. I am always interested in the detail…Cadbury’s cocoa (I loved it) and Pears soap which I often used. Of course the child with cat…that possibly didn’t want to be cuddled! But I love the expression on the girl’s face…she clearly loves the animal. Cowboys and Indians…it was very popular then. Another thing I notice in so many of these pictures is that English women so often have their arms crossed. Maybe against the cold but it is said to be a defensive stance, so I am curious. Yesterday there was a picture of a woman in a deck chair on the beach, with arms crossed…determined to have a good time. Can’t remember where I saw it.

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    1. I rarely find any photos of children wearing shoes in working-class districts at the time. And I have no doubt that the Tories would be happy to see barefoot children on the streets in 2022. They could blame the parents for ‘not managing their income’.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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