Staying Late

The strange weather continues. Yesterday was the 1st of December, but you would not have known that in Beetley. It was bright and sunny, with blue skies until almost 3pm. The temperature even got up to 10C, before falling back at sunset.

This confused the insects, who have stayed late. On Beetley Meadows I saw three different bumblebees, and walked through clouds of midges hovering over the riverbank. That proved to be a bad idea, as I received three large (and very itchy) bites on my head.

The trees have also been confused, but yesterday the local Oaks decided it was time to shed their leaves at long last. Those leaves have stayed late on the branches, and many still retain their green colour. There were thousands of leaves drifting gently to the ground, like multi-coloured extra-large snowflakes.

By the time I was walking home with Ollie, my shoes were crunching on a carpet of freshly-fallen leaves. When we made our way along the small woodland path, it was quite magical to see and feel them cascading down on us.

The same thing was happening to the large Oaks at the front and back of our house.

This reminded me that leaf-clearing season is late this year, but will still have to be done at some stage.

46 thoughts on “Staying Late

  1. How beautiful, Pete …I miss a lovely autumn walk over freshly dropped leaves…our brief cold spell is still not here we have little glimpses and then the sun shines brightly again which is probably why I now have a cold my first in a few years xx

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  2. Saturday’s forecast high in Las Vegas is 19° C. By the 15th of December, the high is forecast to be 11° C. We had very little “autumn” this year. The transition from summer heat to winter cold was very quick. Deciduous trees are clinging to most of their dead leaves; some have fallen to the ground.

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  3. Kissing 70 and I still love to crunch the leaves underfoot. Some beautiful oaks across the road from me so autumn is my playground. I don’t know why people clean leaves up (unless the block gutters) off their lawns. They make wonderful manure so I mow over them without the catcher.

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  4. The weather is all “wrong”. I feel that winter comes later every year and stays longer. I love seeing those showers of leaves falling, especially on a fine day. The sun is out here again after 3 mostly overcast days.

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    1. I have a straw summer hat that I wear when it is hot. My winter one is a waterproof cap, but I prefer to use the umbrella. I didn’t expect to get insect bites on the 1st of December. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Weather here is strange…..40 at night 75 day…..yesterday it was 72 at night….we have a hard time dressing for the day…..LOL My yard guy uses mulching blade so raking is not a problem anymore. chuq

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