Female Photographers In The Victorian Era.

Unfortunately, most of these pioneering ladies are uncredited. However, here is Jessie Tarbox-Beales, the first professional female press photographer.

Jessie again.

These other ladies are unknown to me. Some are taking the earliest version of ‘selfies’, using their own cameras. The rest are being photographed by others.

33 thoughts on “Female Photographers In The Victorian Era.

  1. (1) Being the first professional female press photographer was truly a step up for women!
    (2) Proof that Jessie Tarbox-Beales didn’t fall off the ladder.
    (3) The lady photographer operated the clear lens of her camera just as HAL 9000 operated his red camera lens. But, clearly, the lady wasn’t as nefarious.
    (4) I can’t see the lady for the trees. I wonder what branch of photography she’s in?
    (5) I think the photographer is also a hypnotist. “Look into my eyes!”
    (6) “My name is Lindsey Cameron.”
    (7) Wilhemina’s Greek Slaves?
    (8) Overheard:
    Lady: “Hey, Jack! What are you doing in my box camera?”
    Jack: “Looking for Thumbelina!”
    (9) Overheard:
    Photographer: “Are you going to smile for the camera?”
    Mr. Ed: “Nay!”
    (10) “If you can frame me in pink, why can’t you take a color photo of me?”
    (11) And then…the mirror crack’d.
    (12) “No, this is not a John Christopher tripod.”
    (13) “I wonder if I can do underwater photography with this camera?” [Note: This is the best photo of the bunch!]
    (14) “Stop staring at my polka dots!”
    (15) “Stop staring at my wall flowers!”
    (16) “Ooh, look! The train is getting closer and closer! I hope you get a good closeup of Buster Keaton!” #GeneralPhotography
    (17) Life size cardboard cutout of woman with fake camera. The pastoral setting is real, though.
    (18) “Like my shaw? George Bernard bought it for me!”
    (19) Twins showing off their new concertina. #PatentPending
    (20) “I chopped off WALL-E’s head and stuffed it in this box!”

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  2. It’s quite amazing how far the art of photography has come. As a woman I feel I owe quite a lot to such ladies for demonstrating that women were just as capable and for demanding our rights to be heard. Now if we can only keep it that way. (There are those in this country who would have as revert to subservience!)

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  3. There’s a famous Victorian female photographer whose work is displayed at Dimbola Lodge on the IOW – Julia Margaret Cameron. She took photos of Victorian celebrities such as Lord Tennyson, who lived nearby. I’m not 100% sure, but that smaller photo might be her.

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