London: England’s Megacity.

Thanks to my friend Antony who sent me a link, I was able to watch this great film about London, from Roman times to the modern day. It is short, at only 14 minutes, and is incredibly well-made. Using contemporary photos and video, and including some wonderful high-definition aerial footage, it manages to educate viewers and celebrate London in every way without taking up too much of your valuable time.

If you have never visited the city of my birth, I am sure you will find this film interesting and illuminating. If like me, you are a Londoner, it might make you love your city even more.

42 thoughts on “London: England’s Megacity.

  1. A wonderful video. When I arrived in London 1980, I had already read up about it and spoke to many who had been there. On arrival I took the tours and visited the museums. I was always told that London was the central meeting place of the world and I can echo that. Stand at Piccadilly Circus for half an hour and you will met someone you know. Yes that happened to me. But what astounded me was the amount of green space and bushy walks. You can’t beat its history and it bustle. I have pics of London in my home here and I proudly still call it my 2nd home. I should never have left.

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