Ollie’s Latest Photo

Michele Smith is my near-neighbour, a fellow dog-walker, and treasured friend. She is an animal lover par excellence, and has always adored Ollie.

Just recently, we were chatting on Beetley Meadows, and she remarked that she had never taken a photo of him. She produced her phone, and managed to get Ollie to stand still long enough for this lovely photo.

(It can be enlarged, by clicking on it.)

Thanks very much, Michele. xx

84 thoughts on “Ollie’s Latest Photo

  1. A fabulous picture of Ollie! It’s never easy to get a good shot of a dog. Try taking one of two very active dogs together. Unbelievably difficult. Your neighbour did a great job. Ollie is so handsome.

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      1. Probably best. I worked as Mr Answer Man for half the US for a German software company. I spent too much time talking fake German to customers who called in primed with “Iss dis der fukingruven Philderbangin on der phonen?” Start using naughty language or tales and it gets way out of hand. 🤦‍♂️

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        1. My PC won’t recognise my phone to transfer photos. I tried various different ways, but although it recognises the make, it refuses to accept downloads from it. Perhaps because it is Chinese? (Oppo phone)
          Best wishes, Pete.


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