A Crunchy Walk

Yesterday morning was icy, and still below freezing at midday. The cars were iced up, and the road was dangerously slippery.

I headed out with Ollie before 1pm, heavily wrapped-up against a bitingly cold North wind.

But the sun was shining brilliantly, and the sky deep blue. So despite the cold, the walk looked promising. And it was.

That hard frost had frozen the mud. And the leaves, and the grass. The result was a nice ‘crunchy’ walk underfoot, and no slipping and sliding in sticky mud.

As a bonus, the local Wildlife Trust workers have finally installed the bridge across to Hoe Rough. They also cleared a path on Monday and Tuesday, so we could walk to the bridge from just inside the woodland on Beetley Meadows.

Once across the bridge spanning the small River Whitewater, we discovered another bonus. They have installed a solid metal gate, to stop any grazing cows finding their way across to disturb the peace on The Meadows. Well done to them!

This means we no longer have to walk up to the main Fakenham Road to use the road bridge to get to Hoe Rough Nature Reserve.

Bridge photos to follow eventually.

38 thoughts on “A Crunchy Walk

  1. That sounds lovely. Funny, it’s cold here now too and as we came in this morning I commented that it is “bracing” to be out on a cold, sunny day. As long as I have a warm home to retreat to, I really enjoy the cold! (I’m a coward at heart. No Antarctic explorer here!)

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    1. Not long back from Ollie’s walk. Still bitterly cold, and the fog is lingering.
      Unfortunately, you can’t stay inside when you have a dog.
      (But I would have, given the choice. πŸ™‚ )
      Best wishes, Pete.

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