Signs Of The Times: A Photo History

A group of Temperance Society ladies.

A ‘protest’ by blondes and brunettes.

Immodest clothing means a rise in the divorce rate.

More campaigning against shorter skirts.

I think the sign refers to a different lady.

A street protest joker.

Elegant advertising.

Long hair equals Communism. (Apparently)

Young women in favour of mini-skirts.

Job hunting after WW1.

Suffragettes campaigning for votes for women.

An airline’s staff requirements.

A siroroty at an American college, 1928.

Imagine Kellog’s getting away with this in 2022!

31 thoughts on “Signs Of The Times: A Photo History

  1. (1) Here in Las Vegas, we store liquor in liquor stores.
    (2) Those ladies are attractive, but Marilyn Monroe has them beat by a mile!
    (3) I have nothing against modest apparel. But don we now our gay apparel? I don’t care what Holly Boughs says, the answer is NO!
    (4) “Publicly, I campaign against shorter skirts. Privately, I watch the interrogation scene in ‘Basic Instinct’ on my big screen TV!”
    (5) “See her change from Nurse Jekyll to Mrs. Hyde.”
    (6) Catholics don’t believe in vile Lents.
    (7) Rita Hayworth plays a red-headed alien in “Down to Earth.” At the end, she complains that Earth girls are easy.
    (8) Hippies have been around since the 1800’s. Cowboys often greeted them with a “Hippie hi-yay!”
    (9) “Mini Skirts Forever.” Or at least until you take up residence in a nursing home.
    (10) Also, he was one of the Three Musketeers.
    (11) Men will only vote for women who look sexy in a mini skirt.
    (12) Those three women stand united. (And their looks are above average.)
    (13) From left to right: (a) Nobody wants to date a badass. So the first six girls in the photo will end up as old maids. (b) The seventh girl is just taking up space. No one cares about her. (c) The last girl admits to being 28 years old. She needs to graduate already. If she hasn’t gotten a hot college date by now, she’s never going to get one!
    (14) So nice of the wife to give her husband a PEP talk!

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  2. That makes me want to stick that dust mop somewhere he won’t like! Times have surely changed. Some of it for the better but certainly not all. Mini skirts were not very practical, at least not in a cold climate. But neither is being heavily garbed from head to foot. Moderation in all things. For me anyway. Good selection! What on earth is in the wall picture behind the United Airlines ladies?

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