Modern Londoners: Some Of Today’s Population

I post a lot of historical photos of London. The places, the people, the unusual jobs. But what of London today? I discovered a 2016 exhibition staged by Historic England in 2016. They invited Londoners to submit photos and personal details to document the diverse population and jobs of London at that time.

All photos are the copyright of Historic England, and the photographers they employed.

Martyn Hayes, Brick Lane.

Lucy Hawley. Zookeeper at London Zoo.

Bisi Amili, Gay Rights Activist. Photographed by Tower Bridge.

Kim Abraham, a teacher. Outside her school at Netley Road School, Camden.

Liberty Clayton. Apprentice Coatmaker, Mayfair.

Jacqueline Cooper. The owner of the Manze Pie and Mash Shop, Walthamstow Hight Street.

Daniel Harris. Founder of The London Cloth Mill, Epping.

Gerhard Jenne. Owner of Konditor and Cook, Waterloo.

Amy Lamé, LGBT performer. Photographed at the Vauxhall Tavern, SE11.

Dave Wilson. At work in the control room of Tower Bridge.

Stephen Andrade and his son. Meat traders at Smithfield Market.

Dr Nirav Amin. A volunteer at Neasden Hindu Temple.

Kate Barlow of The Royal School of Needlework. Photographed at Hampton Court Palace.

38 thoughts on “Modern Londoners: Some Of Today’s Population

  1. These are quite surprising. Teacher with blue hair and teddy bear. Well, why not? The Pie and Mash ladies…are they sisters…is it a photoshop of the same woman? It’s nice to see people manually creating coats and fabrics. Must be awfully expensive. It will be interesting for people to look back in 50 or 75 years time. Can’t imagine what London will be like then. I wonder if there will still be a man in the Tower Bridge control room!

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    1. The standing lady is the Pie and Mash shop owner, the other a member of staff. The teacher desribed herself as ‘quirky’ in the article. (I didn’t include too much personal information as this exhibition was in 2016, and I don’t know if they are all still doing the same things.)
      I like to think there will always be someone in the Tower Bridge control room, if only to make sure nobody falls in when the bridge raises. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


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