Musings On The Last Sunday Before Christmas.

As anyone who has read my blog this week will know, my musings are not going to be very cheerful this week. Julie tested positive for Covid-19, and has been very unwell. So far, I have avoided catching it from her, but I do sense it is inevitable that it will happen.


Then poor Ollie started to shake his head again yesterday, so I have resumed treatment with his ear-gel.


Our central heating is still not working properly, and the engineer will not come back to fit the part because Julie has Covid. So we are running out of wood for the log burner soon, and having great difficulties buying any locally that can be delivered before Christmas.


It has been excessively cold all week. Not getting above freezing at all, and dropping to -8C at night. (17F) On the bright side, it is supposed to warm up here from Monday morning, and that will help. But it will still not be warm enough to cope with unreliable heating, unfortunately.


With Christmas day falling on a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are public holidays, causing everything to shut down here until the 28th. It really couldn’t be a worse time of year for all this to happen. But I am trying to stay positive, despite it all.


Whatever you are doing on this day, I hope life is trouble-free for you.
I really do.


59 thoughts on “Musings On The Last Sunday Before Christmas.

  1. I am sorry to hear about Julie and I hope that you find a way to stay warm until you can get some wood. I am not happy that you have to suffer. You are so good-hearted and kind. You do not deserve to undergo hard times. I wish there was something I could do to help.

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  2. I hope she feels better soon, Pete, although I know you aren’t feeling too good now either. I was going to say it is the worst time for it, but it is never a good time to feel ill, although it is even more complicated at this time of the year. (We don’t get extra bank holidays here regardless of when a holiday falls on, at least usually, but at least in this part of the country, the 26th is a holiday, while in others it isn’t). I hope the weather gets a bit warmer and the heating gets fixed soon. And I fully understand why you aren’t feeling cheerful. All the best to the three of you. ♥

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  3. Oh Pete. It never rains but it pours. Amazing how so many things can go wrong at the worst possible time. I wish there was a way for me to help other than offering sympathetic words. I hope Julie feels better soon and that Ollie’s ear stops worrying him. Maybe you are one of those people with a natural immunity to Covid…sure hope so. Hang in!

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    1. Thanks, Carolyn. I am hoping the increase in temperatures tomorrow will help. I have been uncomfortably cold for over a week now, and I am not young enough to tolerate such freezing temperatures with insufficient heating.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. (1) Bummer. Be careful.
    (2) Bummer. More ear-gel, please.
    (3) Bummer. You need those Yuletide logs.
    (4) Bummer. Central heating is a must.
    (5) Bummer. Can’t reschedule Christmas.
    (6) Bummer. Sun’s out, not too cold, but no hike today.

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  5. Oh, Pete I am so sorry to read all this… It seems it never rains but pours as my mum would say… I hope both Julie and Ollie get well soon and you don’t succumb to the Covid as well… Please take care xx

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      1. I can imagine, Pete… here because houses are not insulated its often warmer outside than inside which is great​ when its hot but so much for a warm soul like me and its like that atm… I hope your mood lifts soon, Pete and warmth and good health for all is restored very soon xx

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  6. So sorry for your troubles, Pete! 😦 I hope Julie and Ollie will feel better soon and that the temperatures give you a break. Fingers crossed that you can avoid getting COVID as well. May you find a little joy of the season somewhere, despite all of this!

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    1. We just managed (at 2pm) to buy a load from a wood-trader online, and it will be delivered Thursday. We did have an offer from a near-neighbour we don’t even know. (via Julie’s Facebook) We thanked her, and said we would bear her offer in mind if the trader doesn’t turn up.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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