Now I Have Caught It. Or Have I?

**UPDATE. I tested negative, Julie is still positive.**

I developed an annoying tickly cough on Saturday evening. I still had it yesterday when I got up. After messing around trying to get some warmth into the house, I took Ollie out for his walk. It was bitterly cold, mainly because of a freezing wind. By the time I got back with Ollie, the cough had got much worse.

We had already decided to have an Indian meal delivered at 6:30pm, and as we sat down to eat that, I could feel that my eyes were very hot, and my shoulders were aching. By 9pm, Julie suggested I do a Covid-19 test. It was negative.

But thirty minutes later, I felt so ill, I went to bed. Then I slept for twelve hours solid, until 9:40 this morning.

Another test is going to be done soon, and it will be interesting to see if it is still negative.

Update to follow…

74 thoughts on “Now I Have Caught It. Or Have I?

      1. As I first posted here, Pete, I tested two times negative while my girl was testing positive… yet we both have the same symptoms. 36 hours ago I tested positive finally. After the headcold feeling passed it seems I’ve settled into this sore-throat-from-hell. I get some relief with Ibuprofen.. and drinking hot or cold fluids. Nighttime has been the worst because simply breathing tends to dry the throat more and it damn hurts to swallow. I’m awake now because of it. There are things I can’t explain about all of this, and will likely never know.
        * We both got same symptoms at the same time… 5 days after taking the Pfizer booster (while we’ve managed to avoid getting it for the last three years).. yet the science says you can’t catch it from a simple vax shot.
        * When she tested positive twice I tested negative twice… then a third time I tested positive (could rather emulate your situation). (Science says there is an Omicron variant floating around that will false positive/negative on the home test… yet if her and I took that same home test across two different batch control numbers why would our results be different?)

        On the plus side to all of this… it seems our vaxxing in the order we’ve taken it over the last year or so, has kept us out of the hospital (so far), and we are likely not gonna die from whatever variant we have.

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        1. Despite feeling bloody awful, I tested negative again today. My wife feels very much better, but tested positive. We are both hoping for stability on the 25th, as we are booked into a restaurant for Christmas dinner.
          I also have that same sore throat, and find it hard to get any relief from it.
          Best wishes, Pete.


  1. I’ve heard of people not feeling well for quite some time before the first positive test. With so much going around, it’s quite possible you have something else. I hope you feel better soon, Pete.

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  2. Hope it’s just a cold, Pete! I only tested positive the day after I started having symptoms, and stayed positive for the next 10 days for what it’s worth. Hoping Julie is feeling better as the days go by and your holiday cheer increases!

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  3. We got the Pfizer booster (shot #5) five days before my better half and I started getting those symptoms. Very coincidental.. not that I am spreading any conspiracy theories. She got the sore throat and cough and tested positive at the outset as I did. I test negative.. twice… but I felt just as crummy as her. Last night I finally tested positive. My symptoms mirror her’s. I am having trouble sleeping.. sore throat, head cold thing. No lung congestion for either of us. Just basically flu-miserable. We both still have our sense of taste. I’ve been taking hot showers when I get the chills.
    I certainly can’t see us dying from this, or even going to the hospital. But miserable just the same.

    I’m with you, buddy.

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  4. yes, sometimes it doesn’t show up on a test right away and sometimes it’s just something in response to the season fingers crossed for you. I’m also hoping you don’t have it so you can have your heat fixed.

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