Ollie Update

I know many of you like to be informed about what is happening with Ollie. Well, something new has happened. As if our poor dog hasn’t suffered enough in his almost 11 years.

With us both living with full-blown Covid, Julie elected to take Ollie for his walk today. That saved me going out in the freezing rain when I was feeling like death warmed up. On her return, she was concerned. Ollie had tried to poo as usual, but he had trouble passing it, and eventually just started to bleed copiously from his rear end. It didn’t seem to upset him unduly, but naturally worried us and we didn’t want to be faced with an emergency over the Christmas shutdown period.

So Julie rang the Vet and arranged that they would see Ollie under Covid rules, with her wearing a mask. She got an appointment for 4pm. The Vet did the usual examinations, and had an immediate diagnosis. Colitis. Ollie has an inflammation of the colon, caused by the interior version of the frequent exterior skin infections he gets every year.

She managed to put Julie’s mind at rest. It is very common, and easily treated. A prescription of antibiotics, and feed to be changed to small amounts several times a day, instead of one big meal.

Now everyone in this small house has something. Even our beloved pet.

41 thoughts on “Ollie Update

  1. I put a “Like” on this post but I only “Liked” it to show my support for your blog. There is certainly nothing I like about you and Julie and dear Ollie being sick … not now, not during the Holidays and not at all …My heart is with you during this trying time and I wish you all the speediest of recoveries so that you can all enjoy the best that Life has to offer again.

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  2. Love and best wishes to all three of you! Thank heavens for the immediate diagnosis and treatment for poor Ollie.

    These connections between skin infections and internal manifestations are striking; my own asthma turned into eczema, which can be associated with ulcerative colitis, and, in turn, the nervous system. Slaves to our bodies?

    Pat, or whatever he likes best, from me to Ollie, please!

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  3. Thank you for the update Pete on Ollie. We love your pups so very much. I’m sorry to hear he has to deal with another condition. Poor Ollie. At least there is a treatment! I’m hoping you and Julie are feeling better soon. So sorry everyone is sick. Wrapping you all in love and hugs, C

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  4. I grew up feeding the dog once a day, and put was put right off it early into adulthood by a breeder, vet and rescue woman all ganging up on me in the vet’s waiting room. Just like us. Smaller amounts throughout the day. Poor guy. Butt problems are never fun.

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