A Netflix Error

I decided to watch a film on Netflix to take my mind off of feeling ill. It is a new version of ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’. I have read that book, watched the 1930 film adaptation, and the later 1979 remake. This new version is a German language film, starrring mainly German actors. I settled down to watch it one afternoon, only to be greatly surprised that it was dubbed into English.

The story is not the same as in the book, far from it. But what we do get is a loosely-based version that delivers a powerful anti-war film with some outstanding special effects and cinematography. I stuck with it, but I was left feeling short-changed that it was not shown in the original language.

Looking online, I read that Netflix shows this film in German by default, with English subtitles. So I have no idea why I was shown a dubbed version. I rarely use Netflix, so I suspect I missed a ‘click’ on something.

Maybe I will watch it again, and be more careful before pressing ‘Play’.

22 thoughts on “A Netflix Error

  1. I don’t like films that are dubbed. It just about ruins the film for me. I recently read a whole series of books the main character being a detective in Berlin 1930’s-1950. I always wondered about the people of Germany at that time and I found those stories believable. The character was not depicted as any kind of hero but one who was caught up in events he could do nothing to change. It is always good to view a situation from the other side.

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  2. I started watching “Squid Game” and it was dubbed in English. after about ten minutes, I switched it to the original dialogue with subtitles, and despite the extra work to watch it, it was more enjoyable.

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