Musings On The Eighth Day

On the 21st of December, I tested positive for Covid-19 and wrote off Christmas 2022 as a non-event. The next few days became a blur of constant coughing, hardly getting any sleep, and not being able to lie down and rest.


Between us, we tried our best to scrape up some Christmas spirit. Julie was able to watch her grandchildren opening presents on the 25th, but only via video-link on her phone. Ollie received his gifts with his usual infectious excitement, and that at least gave us both some smiles. There was no traditional dinner though. We settled for two days of eating a selection of Tapas items that involved little preparation, and no cooking.


For the first few days, Julie had to take Ollie for his walks, as I wasn’t capable. Deciding to get some fresh air, I started taking him out again, sliding around in the mud caused by the relentless rain that has accompanied this year’s festive season. Although I carefully avoided any other walkers, I didn’t have to try too hard, as there have been few people out in the dull weather.


Today is supposedly ‘back to normal’ in England, at least until the New Year holiday. Many people are back at work, and shops are open regular hours. Not that you would know that, here in Beetley. You could hear a pin drop in the street outside. No traffic has moved up or down the road, and nobody has walked past the house. I am the noisiest thing in Beetley this morning, as my persistent coughing punctures the silence.


I suppose I should say I have improved. On evidence, I have. As long as my head and shoulders are propped up, I have managed some sleep over the last few nights. A luxurious seven-and-a-half hours last night alone. I have finished my 7-day course of antibiotics, and I have stopped taking the cold and flu combination tablets. So, am I better? I certainly don’t feel much better. The muscles in my chest and lower abdomen are completely shot from constant coughing. Whatever remains of the C-19 virus in my body has left me with just about enough strength to get in and out of the bath, and that’s it. If I feel a coughing fit coming on, I have to brace myself for the pain that will follow. At least I am used to that by now.


It would be good to end on a positive note, so here it is.
I am not as bad as I was, nowhere near that bad.
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, whatever you are doing.


45 thoughts on “Musings On The Eighth Day

  1. Hopefully you’re on the mend now, Pete, albeit slowly. We’re still at the van where we’ve both had horrible colds caught from the grandchildren, but we’ve tested negative for Covid. Managed a couple of nice walks in the sunshine yesterday, but pissing down with rain now so not going anywhere at the moment.

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    1. I am managing to sleep, and have tested negative. The cough is still around, and I feel worn out doing nothing. We also have heavy rain and gale-force winds, but I will have to take Ollie out later.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I would try to be encouraged by any improvement, Pete. Thank goodness that you are finally sleeping better. I’m sorry it’s been such a distressful time.

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  3. Healing takes so long when we’re older. I can picture you gripping something getting ready for a cough. At least there is healing, Pete. I’m so glad! Just think of all the immunities you now have against Covid. That’s something. My best wishes to you.

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  4. (1) The 21st day of December…
    ..You came off good health: Covid.
    ..Fall came off the calendar: Winter.
    Perfect timing is not always a good thing.
    (2) Ollie may have received his gifts with infectious excitement, but you didn’t receive the gifts of Covid with infectious excitement.
    (3) Some people are sharp enough to avoid dull weather.
    (4) Let me get this straight: Since none of the pins that dropped in the streets of Beetley encountered a balloon to burst, you decided to puncture the silence with a cough? (At least the pins know that silence is golden!)
    (5) My situation is similar to yours. As long as my Head & Shoulders shampoo is propped up, I have managed to sleep in the bath.
    (6) “I am not as bad as I was, nowhere near that bad.” (Darth Vader, after a few sessions with a Mandalorian therapist)

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  5. Been thinking about you Pete and I realised that the absence of postings weren’t a good sign. So I was glad to see this, though I wish you had made more progress, obviously. It seems as if everyone I know is sick. Good that you have been able to sleep. Lots more needed! Best wishes.

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