Retro Music

Many years ago, I heard this song from Tim Hardin. Like most of his songs, it is very short. But no less powerful for that.

If you have ever experienced an emotional break up, this simple song will resonate with you. It might even make you cry.

James Timothy Hardin was an American folk and blues musician and composer. As well as releasing his own material, several of his songs, including “If I Were a Carpenter” and “Reason to Believe”, became hits for other artists. Hardin grew up in Oregon and joined the Marine Corps. He died young, aged 39, in 1980. After a short but troubled life.

You will know his songs, even if only from the numerous cover versions. He deserves to be better known.

18 thoughts on “Retro Music

      1. I have no idea. That was a long time ago and I have done everything I could to not to have any non=child conversations with her and since the 54 year old child turned 18 I have not had to have any of those. I do hear she is still manipulating people from time to time but that is it. Warmest regards, Ed

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