Retro Music 2

It is not often that a flute features heavily on a hit record. In 1969, the British ‘Progressive Rock’ band, Jethro Tull, combined folk and modern styles with a very unusual song that captured the imagination of record buyers, and got to number two in the charts here. I was 17, and a Soul Music fan. But even I bought a copy!

36 thoughts on “Retro Music 2

  1. I loved Jethro Tull, especially this song. See, any musical instrument can be instrumental (pun intended) in making a song great. The flute has a lovely sound. Hubby played the french horn, and that is another winner sound.

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  2. Have followed Tull for years, biggest regret (if we should have regrets ) he cancelled a tour of NZ due to health issue on the flight think it was a PE.

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  3. While never a fan of the band, when my wife and I stayed this summer in Taormina, where “The White Lotus” was filmed, the Ancient Greek amphitheater there was hime to the band performing live one night…long live rock!

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  4. Great band [even if Ian Anderson can be a bit, ahem, difficult 😉 ]. My son-in-law’s father is a real Tull nut, and always has been, seeing them live all over. The Moody Blues, my brother’s favourite band, also featured the flute to great effect :D. Cheers, Jon.

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