Retro Music 8

Gary Moore was from Northern Ireland, and is probably best known now for being the guitarist in Thin Lizzy. But he was a Blues man of long-standing, and also had a solo career. In 1990 he released the wonderful album, ‘Still Got The Blues’; his biggest personal hit, and a career-defining moment. Born in 1952, (the same year as me) he died from a heart attack in 2011. A sad loss to music indeed.

I could pick many tracks to showcase his talent, but I will go with the title song from his best-selling album.

28 thoughts on “Retro Music 8

  1. Sam and I often used to go and see Gary Moore play. We used to take Marc, who was also one of Gary’s fans. Marc once bought a Gary Moore t-shirt that had his name written across the front. He wore it for years until it almost disintegrated. His school friends called Marc ‘Gaymore’ for years because of that t-shirt and because they thought that’s what had been written on the front of the shirt.

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      1. Marc’s a guitarist and his contemporaries at school hadn’t heard of Gary Moore. The writing on the shirt wasn’t that clear, and yes, it did look like ‘Gaymore’. Marc was called ‘Gaymore’ for about 4 years, lol, but he got used to it.

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