Retro Music 9

The career of the Beach Boys speaks for itself. And the genius of Brian Wilson shines through that time too. I don’t believe any other vocal group has ever achieved such excellence in harmonies, and the legacy of their numerous hits will outlive them all.

I am choosing one of their less-popular hit records, as for me it encapsulates their total sound, and the sheer wonder of their combined voices. In 1969, I was a confirmed Soul Boy in London. At 17 years old, I was already a fan of all different kinds of music. Then I heard this record, and I had to rethink everything I thought I knew about vocal excellence.

35 thoughts on “Retro Music 9

  1. You can track the Beach Boys and Brian’s vocal influences, as told by Carl Wilson, through the recordings of the Andrews Sisters, The Lettermen, The Four Freshman, the Modernaires et al that were in the house growing up. Roots in doo-wop and jazz. What a combo. I have several favorites that sit outside the surf stuff that got them off the ground. This is my favorite. Not written by or performed by a Beach Boy but one of their best non obsessive harmonies, with them behind it. Talk about getting out on top of a song and owning it… Watch their expressions.

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