A Covid Recap

I am now starting to think I may have seen the last of the bad bout of Covid-19 I endured recently. There are quite a few positives to report.

*I am able to sleep all night, as long as I make sure to stay propped up on extra pillows.
*The sore throat has gone, and I am able to enjoy eating and drinking once again.
*The cough is only really a bother at night, and 90% less distressing than it was a few days ago.
*There is no longer any need to take tablets or medication for congestion and other symptoms.

But I have some legacy of the virus that feels as if it is going to take some weeks or months to go away.

*I have almost no energy.
*Walking Ollie for 90 minutes leaves me completely exhausted, even after resting briefly on seats or benches during the walk.
*Trying to do anything remotely physical (I tried clearing away some fallen leaves and gave up) feels impossible.
*Despite sleeping all night, I wake up tired, and look forward to going to bed early.
*Even something as simple as having a bath and getting ready to take Ollie out leaves me drained.

Given that I had all the vaccinations and boosters, I can only imagine how much worse it might have been had I chosen not to have them.

It has been a lesson learned. Covid has not gone away, and we still have to take all available precautions against catching it. Even with the vaccinations and antibodies, it still almost sent me into hospital with breathing difficulties.

Just because I seem to have recovered so far, that doesn’t mean I can’t catch it again.

So my advice to everyone is to be very careful, and if you have symptoms like a cough and sore throat, get tested for Covid-19.

75 thoughts on “A Covid Recap

  1. Pete, you were right when you said how much worse this would have been had you not been vaccinated. Vaccinations protect us. The good news is that you now have incredible immunities, having had Covid. I know, that feels small compared to what you have gone through. Healing takes a long time for us oldsters. Best to you.

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  2. What a nightmare you’ve been through Pete. I’m glad you’re coming out of it but sorry to hear you’re still dealing with lingering conditions. It’s not something anyone wants to catch but I’m amazed at how contagious it is and how easily we can get exposed. I wish you continued recovery. Thanks for the update. It’s been a worry. Hugs, C

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  3. Great news, Pete! The energy will return in time. Meanwhile, add natural Vitamin C to your daily diet: Lemon, Lime juice, Orange Juice, Ginger, Turmeric, or else buy Chyawanprash from an Indian store–It has Amla (Indian Gooseberry) which has more Vitamin C than all of these combined. (Avoid Vitamin C tablets.)

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  4. It really hasn’t gone away and if everyone is not careful all these Chinese visitors will spread it even more … It’s good you are better, Pete notwithstanding the tiredness but I hope that passes soon xx

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  5. So glad to hear you’re over the worst of it, though I understand some of the lingering effects. I had it in August, though not as bad as you, it was still pretty miserable and exhausting. I also had vertigo at night for the duration which disappeared afterwards. Even though I knew the vaccinations were primarily intended to prevent hospitalization and death, I think subconsciously I assumed it would prevent catching it, which wasn’t the case for me, having had 2 Moderna shots in 2021, and 2 Moderna boosters in 2022. So I agree with you, that we likely fared much better, having had the vaccinations, than if not.

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  6. Glad to hear you’re getting there, Pete. I read recently that over 95% of the population has had Covid at least once. That seems high (I don’t know if that includes children), but I think I’m in the minority who hasn’t had it yet. I had all the classic symptoms once, but all my tests were negative, so who knows for sure?

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    1. At the height of the pandemic, I had some symptoms, and went for a test at an official government centre. That came back negative. But this time, I just knew it was something bad, as the symptoms were awful. When I tested positive, I wasn’t surprised at all.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. A lot of people I know have had it now and they have had the whole ray of experiences from slight discomfort to the torture you suffered. I really don’t want to get it, so I’ve had the vaccines, mask when necessary. Avoiding crowds is what I do anyway. I’m glad you are better and I hope you get your energy back soon.

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  8. Pete, so sorry it hit you so hard, and I appreciate that you reinforced how the vaccine and boosters may have had a powerful impact on how it did impact you…here in the US, more than ONE MILLION people died, yet we had literally tens of millions who denied it even existed and rolled out all sorts of despicable conspiracy theories that had a horrible impact on us…and refused to take preventative medicine! Hope your strength returns quickly…

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      1. Pete, we did hear from someone in New York and someone in Lisbon who both didn’t believe the vaccine was safe – for different reasons but sobering to see how people are chosen to make this an issue when it was designed to keep people alive…I have to assume that those who die around them won’t appreciate their carelessness…

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  9. I still have cold symptoms from before our trip to the IOW. I’ve done three tests so far but all are negative. I have no sense of taste or smell, and a scratchy throat. Oh well, I suppose whatever it is it will go on its own eventually.

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    1. The loss of taste and smell is a classic covid symptom, Stevie. One day when I was eating a sandwich, I remarked to Julie that it tasted like toothpaste, and I didn’t finish it. Covid seems to mess with your senses.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  10. When I came down with pneumonia, my doctor’s off ice put me in quarantine while I was twice tested for Covid and once for the regular flu. They have started making it mandatory to wear masks again.

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  11. I had COVID twice: first time I almost died (one week in ICU), second time symptoms were horrible, but I didn’t have to go to the hospital. I’m fully vaccinated and still wear my mask. Anyhow, I hope you feel well soon.

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