Retro Music 13

In 1973, I heard a song called ‘She’s Gone’, by an American duo, Hall and Oates. I liked it enough to buy the album it featured on, and became an instant fan of the vocal talents of Daryl Hall. (Though to be honest, I never saw the point of John Oates.)

I bought any album they released, and when Hall went solo, I bought his albums too. The hits they have had over the decades are too numerous to mention here, but one of their songs really stood out for me, and it was released in 1975.

This one.

Baby hair with a woman’s eyes
I can feel you watching in the night
All alone with me and we’re waiting for the sunlight
When I feel cold, you warm me
And when I feel I can’t go on, you come and hold me
It’s you and me forever
Sara smile
Won’t you smile a while for me, Sara
If you feel like leaving, you know you can go
But why don’t you stay until tomorrow?
If you want to be free, you know, all you got to do is say so
And when you feel cold, I’ll warm you
And when you feel you can’t go on, I’ll come and hold you
It’s you and me forever
Sara smile
Won’t you smile a while for me, Sara
Sara smile
Won’t you smile a while for me, Sara
Won’t you smile a while for me, Sara
Oh smile a while, won’t you laugh Sara
Make me feel like a man not keeping me crazy crazy
Smile a while
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Daryl Hall / John Oates
Sara Smile lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

49 thoughts on “Retro Music 13

  1. Pete, I am also lifelong fan of Daryl Hall & John Oates – for those who don’t know, they have NEVER gone by Hall & Oates – ALWAYS full names – and the Oates memoir called “Change Of Season” is fascinating and tells his side of their story – and the songs!

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    1. Not any longer. My record player is stored away, along with some boxes of vinyl albums and 45s. There is no room to have it out in this house. I listen to CDs in the car or at home, and also listen on You Tube when I am working on the computer.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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