The Photos Of David Hoffman: East London, 1970.

David Hoffman was interested in the area around Roman Road Street Market, in East London. Originally born and raised nearby, his parents had moved to the suburbs. In his twenties, David returned to the area to take photos of life at the time, in pubs, cafes, social clubs in East London, and on the market that runs along Roman Road. It seems to be much earlier than 1970, and shows how little had changed there since WW2.

A friendly crowd of drinkers in a local pub.

Dog traders in the market.

Old ladies celebrating something at a social club.

A Kosher Butcher catering to the large Jewish community.

This man is trying to sell string puppets, and busking to attract buyers.

Fans of old-school Rock and Roll dancing at a gathering near the market.

Ladies at a dance club.

A man selling various things next to his disability car.

Unlicensed traders selling at the edge of the market.

Two men selling assorted items from a pram.

An afternoon dance at a social club.

29 thoughts on “The Photos Of David Hoffman: East London, 1970.

  1. (1) “No pub crawl for us. We’re still standing!”
    (2) Overheard:
    Man with eyeglasses: “This is a good river dog.”
    Man with mutton chops: “Mine’s a reservoir dog.”
    (3) The old ladies are celebrating the weight loss of the lady at right, who credits chain smoking for helping her lose 115 pounds in just six months.
    (4) L. Herman waved his butcher knife at Mr. Fische and warned him, “Come one inch Kosher, and I’ll shish kebab ya!” (Unfortunately, Mr. Fische was a retired pirate who had a hook instead of a hand. I’m sorry to report that the confrontation didn’t end well for L. Herman.)
    (5) I predict that the Free House won’t attract any buyers.
    (6) The boy on the ground is making a W with his legs. I wonder Y.
    (7) Those old ladies at the dance club are sad because there aren’t any boys on the ground ogling their sexy legs.
    (8) Not only is the car disabled (three bald tires and a crutch; unable to hear the honking of its own horn; afflicted by a blind spot when driven), it’s allergic to asphalt (thus, the need for Kleenex).
    (9) Those unlicensed traders didn’t think about trading some of their wares for a license?
    (10) Are those teddy bears made in China? They look like pandas.
    (11) The lady wearing the dark dress doesn’t seem to realize that she’s dancing with another woman. (The other woman has a husky voice, too. That’s why she didn’t raise any suspicions when she whispered, “Kiss me, Kate!”)

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  2. Life was pretty desperate. I imagine many of those people were happy just to have survived the war but when it was over it was a whole different struggle. The pictures are sort of heart-breaking but they are part of history and should be seen. So often there is a little dog. Of course I always wanted to talk to anyone who had an animal with them. It would be nice to think life is better now but I know it’s not, sadly.

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    1. This was 1970. The area has changed a lot since, with mass immigration, and redevelopment. But most of the people who live there are still poor working-class Londoners, Carolyn.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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