Late Musings On A Jaunuary Sunday

I am late to the blog today, as we went out early to deliver gifts to my step-children and grandchildren. Because we were both ill with Covid over Christmas, this served as a substitute ‘Christmas Day’ for all of us. While we were over there, a thunderstorm started, and we drove home in torrential rain. As soon as we got home, I had to take Ollie out for a much later than usual walk. We both got soaked!


The recovery from Covid continues. We are both testing negative, and Julie returned to work last week. As I mentioned earlier this week, the fatigue continues, and I am soon exhausted by trying to do anything physical. I appreciate this may take a long time, but at least I am able to sleep all night now.


Weather-wise, we have unusually warm weather for the time of year, punctuated by heavy showers, and occasional gale-force winds. It doesn’t feel much like January at all, to be honest.


I will do my best to catch up with everyone’s blogs next week.


I hope you all had a peaceful Sunday, whatever you are doing, and wherever you live.


46 thoughts on “Late Musings On A Jaunuary Sunday

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, Pete. I’m still not sure if I had Covid – I tested negative 4 times, but a fortnight later from what seemed like a bad cold I still have no sense of taste or smell.

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  2. Great news that you guys are negative…. chuqe careful and be well…..we are having weird weather also….really warm for this time of year and then colder than normal for a few days……have a great Sunday chuq

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  3. I hope you had a good day nonetheless, and I am happy to hear that you both are better now, even if it is a bit of a slow process. Here we celebrate Epiphany, on the 6th of January, so your gifts wouldn’t have been quite that late. The weather is also incredibly mild here. It’s supposed to be getting worse now, and it is a bit colder, but nothing too extreme. Sending you both the best, and I hope you recover fully in no time.

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  4. (1) “Here ya go, kids! These are your substitute presents. Brought to you by someone other than Santa Claus!”
    (2) Exhausted? You know the old Chinese proverb: “Man who run in front of car get tyred. Man who run behind car get exhausted.” To which I might add: “Do not run in front of, or behind, a car in a torrential rainstorm. You will get soaked.”
    (3) Overheard:
    Julie: “I just read the weather forecast. It was punctuated with heavy showers.”
    Pete: “You just stole my thunder! I’m finishing up a report that says the calm weather we’re experiencing will end with a stormy period.”
    (4) You’ll ketchup next week? Sorry, but that doesn’t cut the mustard!
    (5) Did you hear about the backroom bookie who went to jail? He’d had a police-full Sunday.

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