The Blue Light: Part Two

This is the second part of a fiction serial, in 815 words.

Eileen woke up with George on top of her. He was definitely amorous, and she struggled to remember the last time he had done anything like that. It had to have been at least five years earlier, after too many whiskies on his fifty-fifth birthday. Despite the surprise, she had to give him credit for performance. He was like a tiger, and she definitely could not recall the last time she had ever thought that about him. When it was over, she was left flushed and breathless.

“What was that about, George?” He shrugged. “Just in the mood, woke up feeling good, so why not?”

Over breakfast, she could definitely sense a twinkle in his eye, and she added that to the rest of the memories. Eye-twinkling was something that used to happen, but had not happened for a very long time. He ate his breakfast like a man who had never seen food, demolishing it, then asking for extra toast and marmalade.

“I might go for a drive later, love. I fancy giving the car a good run”. Eileen smiled and nodded. She had crochet club at eleven, so it didn’t concern her if George went out.

It took him two hours to get to the south coast. Two hours of driving on the edge, and ignoring speed limits as he changed up and down through the gears like he was driving in the Monte Carlo Rally. When he got to Brighton, he pushed on to Worthing, finally deciding to park for a while, and have a nice walk along the seafront. He was hungry again, and found a nice fish restaurant. Nothing like fish and chips at the coast, freshly-caught and cooked, and eaten from a proper plate in an upmarket chippy.

The waitress was in her forties. Black hair that was probably dyed, a bit too much eye make up, and a uniform rather too short for her age. But when he gave her the eye, she returned his gaze, and smiled. “What time do you finish, love?” It was as if someone else was saying it, but he was glad they had. She checked her watch. “I’m off at four, why?” There was a smile included with the question. He smiled back. “Well I thought I might offer you a lift home, save you walking or taking the bus”.

When she brought the bill, she presented it upside down. On the bottom, she had written, ‘Okay, meet me outside at four’. He left her a very large tip, almost as much as the food had cost. He only had to wait until ten past, and she appeared from the back, smiling. George was feeling great, and in charge. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt in charge of anything. “Not far to my car, just along the front here”. She held his arm. How long was it since Eileen had held his arm?

“I don’t live far, only about ten minutes from here. You can come in for a cup of tea if you like”.

George liked.

He name was Valerie, and she liked it too. She liked it enough that George didn’t leave her bedsit flat until it was almost seven at night. She puffed on her cigarette as she spoke. “Will I see you again?” George was getting dressed, and felt amazing. “Yes, you definitely will, I just don’t know when”. Then he kissed her and left.

It was almost nine-thirty when he got home. Eileen was angry.

“You could have phoned and let me know how late you would be, George. I was worried, and your dinner is in the oven, but it will be ruined now”. He was not fazed by her moaning. “I told you I was going for a drive, and that’s what I did. I went to Worthing, and had fish and chips. Then I carried on along the coast, and really enjoyed the drive. What’s your problem with that, love? You went to crochet club, and I didn’t complain about that”.

She was grumpy. “Well, I’m going to bed, so goodnight!”

George stayed up until after midnight. He felt energised, and he was buzzing. Valerie had been the only other woman he had been with in his life, and compared to Eileen, she was a revelation. She hadn’t cared about the age difference, and had made him feel like he was the best lover in the world. Eileen needed to step up, no doubt about that.

Sleep was hard to come by, as usual. When the blue light flooded the room, it was later, just after four. He opened the curtains fully, to get the complete effect. He could feel the energy coursing through him, something he hadn’t been aware of since he was in his twenties.

The light went out fifteen minutes later, and he slept the sleep of the dead.

31 thoughts on “The Blue Light: Part Two

  1. (1a) Bad citation: “The last amorous move had been at least 5 years earlier, after too many 5th of whiskeys on George’s 55th birthday. For his efforts, Eileen had given George, already quite high, a high 5.”
    (1b) On a scale of 1 to 10, George gave Bo Derek a 10, but only gave Eileen a 5.
    (2) Enlighten me, Pete. Was that a blue twinkle in George’s eye?
    (3) Heard over breakfast: “Ever since that sexy outfit got mama laid, her tailor has been the toast of the town.”
    (4) Riddle:
    Q. What do you get when you cross a fish-and-chip shop with a flying car?
    A. Chippy Chippy Bang Bang.
    (5) Did you hear about the pirate who gave a seamstress the eye? Needles to say, he got a nice black patch in return.
    (6) George really enjoyed his drive. Especially his sex drive.
    (7) The blue light flooded the bedroom just after 4, interrupting George’s reminiscing about sex after 4play with Valerie, who had joined him outside the chippy at ten past 4. (Note: That a number other than 5 would be featured in this story was a 4gone conclusion.)

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