England In The 1960s: More Photos From Tony Ray-Jones

Tony Ray-Jones loved to observe English people when they were relaxing. I found more of his photos online.

A boat trip off the coast at Eastbourne, 1967.

A beauty contest in Newquay, Cornwall. 1967

Enjoying an ice cream at the Epsom Derby, 1967.
(Littering did not seem to bother them.)

Schoolboys on a break at the prestigious Eton College, 1967.

Afternoon dancing in the ballroom at Morecambe, Lancashire. 1968.

Getting a good viewpoint at the Isle of Wight pop festival, 1968.

Enjoying a sit at the seaside, location unknown. 1968.

27 thoughts on “England In The 1960s: More Photos From Tony Ray-Jones

  1. (1) Overheard, during a kiss on the forehead:
    Girl: “Why are you so tight-lipped?”
    Boy: “Loose lips sink ships.”
    (2) “We’re gonna need a taller microphone!”
    (3) There’s an infestation of litter bugs at the Epsom Derby. Call the BPCA!
    (4) Three boys at Eton, from right to left:
    #1. I’m puttin’ on the Ritz!
    #2. I’m tearin’ the seams out o’ my pockets!
    #3. I’m practicin’ to b’come a flamingo!
    (5) Prince Charming and Cinderella practicing for the ball at age 70.
    (6) Viewing the pop festival from a tree:
    #1. “I see Pepsi!”
    #2. “I see Coke!”
    #3. “I see Fanta!”
    #4. “I see Fresca!”
    #5. “I see RC Cola!”
    #6. “I see Dr. Pepper!”
    #7. “I can’t see anything ’cause a tree Sprite is flapping its wings in my face!”
    (7) Overheard:
    Woman: “How do we get back home?”
    Man: “I don’t know! I forgot how we got here, and now I’m being told that we’re at an unknown location!”

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    1. They still do, exactly the same dress code. Many of our Conservative Prime Ministers went to Eton, including Johnson and Cameron, Gladstone, McMillan, Anthony Eden, and Douglas-Home. Prince William also went there.
      So, not for the ‘Common people’!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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