Retro Music 23

Soul music wasn’t just about Tamla Motown, back in the day. In 1967, I heard a great soul song by Chuck Wood, called Seven Days Is Too Long. I bought it the next day, released by Roulette Records. A real foot-tapper!

First time I called you girl
They say you wasn’t home
Then second time I tried it
They say you wan’t be left alone
We have a lot of quarrels yes we have
Like all lovers do
I’m ready to make up
It’s all of left to you now
Seven Days Too Long without you baby
Come on back to me now
I feel so break up because i’m alive
Cause’ my love is too strong girl to let it down
The source of problem
Cause I see the danger sign you know
It’s ripped on your face
Justice (…)
Let’s stop playing girl I go sick
I can’t stand being without you baby another week
You got me soured, I can’t even concentrate
You know good things come, I say good things come (…)
I can’t wait no longer listen to me girl
Seven Days Too Long Without You Baby
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Vernon Harrell / Jim Bailey
Seven Days Too Long lyrics © Emi Longitude Music

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