Retro Music 24

This song from 1966 was a real floor-filler at many clubs in London. Even then, it sounded old-fashioned. But once it started, it was almost impossible not to get up and dance, no matter how badly you danced!

Written and performed by Robert Parker, it was the first record I ever heard of from him, and his only hit.

Everybody get on your feet
You make me nervous when you in your seat
Take off your shoes and pat your feet
We’re doing a dance that can’t be beat
We’re barefootin’ now, yeah
Yeah, all night long now, listen
Went to a party the other night
Long Tall Sally was out of sight
Took off her wig, and high heel sneakers too
She the dance without any shoes
She was barefootin’ now
Yeah, baby
Hey little girl with your red dress on
Bet you can barefoot all night long
Take off your shoes and throw ’em away
Come back and get them another day
We’re barefootin’ now
That’s what we doin’ baby
All night long
Only barefootin’ tonight
Lil’ Joe Henry he said to Sue
“If I barefoot, would you barefoot too?”
Sue told Joe, “I study too
I was barefootin’ ever since I was two”
We’re barefootin’, yeah
Yeah, yeah
All night long
Take off your shoes
Oh, yeah
Take off your shoes, baby
Get that groove
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Robert Parker
Barefootin’ lyrics © Kassner Associated Publishers Ltd., Swing Beat Songs, Bonatemp Music, Bonatemp, Bonatemp Music Publishing Co Inc

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