Children And Their Pets: Vintage Photos

I found these online. There were no dates given, but most of the photos appear to be very old. No individual photographers were credited, but they all come from a Pinterest site called ‘Vintage Everyday’.

The little boy looks sleepy.

Waiting for someone to come home?

Cats on a hat!

Happy child, happy dog.

A pet Lion! Not sure I would let a baby play with it.

Feeding her bunnes.

On her bike with her faithful dog.
(This appears to have been taken in Central Park, New York City.)

Another dangerous pet. An Alligator!

Feeding a lamb with milk.

A young clown with his pet pig!

A pet dog big enough to ride like a pony.

Her pet Chicken.

They both have to wear the same hat.

57 thoughts on “Children And Their Pets: Vintage Photos

  1. (1) That boy may be sleepy, but his dog’s howling is keeping him awake.
    (2) A girl, a dog, and a horse are waiting for a cat…
    Martha (the girl): “Hamilton is late again!”
    Roosevelt (the dog): “He’s such a jackass!”
    Jackson (the horse): “Hey! I resemble that remark!”
    Hamilton (the cat): “Hello! I’m right behind you! Who do you think is taking this picture?”
    (3) I didn’t know that the Cat in the Hat had a twin seuss-ter.
    (4) A flea is sitting on a four-legged dog. A boy is sitting on a four-legged chair.
    (5) I see LIFE written in the corner of the baby-on-a-lion photo. Yes, I would be very concerned about that baby’s life!
    (6) Hugh Hefner also fed his bunnies.
    (7) “My father drives a German car that’s big on horsepower, and always shouts ‘Giddy-up!’ as he puts the pedal to the metal. I have a German Shepherd-powered tricycle, and always shout, ‘Lass uns gehen!’ as I put my feet on the pedals.”
    (8) Given the choice between adopting an Alligator and an Alley Cat, I’d choose an Allosaurus. (But good luck finding me one!)
    (9) The boy named his lamb Borghini.
    (10) Clancy the Pig: “I asked for a pen pal, and this is what I get?”
    (11) At the photo shoot: It’s the dog’s fault for identifying as Target, but also the girl’s fault for identifying as Annie Oakley.
    (12) The chicken identifies as a stool pigeon.
    (13) Dog: “I hate this stupid hat. I hope she doesn’t make me put on a dress!”

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  2. Hopefully that lion really was just a big ol’ pussy cat! The bond between children and their pets is lovely, my son doesn’t go far without our dog at his heels. Some interesting choices of animal here though! Another great set of images, thank you.

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