41 thoughts on “Berlin: Summer 1945

  1. I visited Germany in 1994, and went on a road trip from Detmold to Berlin, with a stop in Tangermünde on the Elbe River. Along the way, I saw Russian tanks pulling out of former East Germany. I had a picnic lunch at one section of the Berlin Wall. At that time, I was impressed by how beautiful Berlin was, and enjoyed walking along the Unter den Linden, including listening to the organ grinder play his music, as well as the Kurfürstendamm, where the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church stands as a memorial to the devastation of World War II. Anyway, I appreciate you posting this video!

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    1. I have been to both East and West Berlin, at the time of the DDR when the wall was still up. (I was visiting East Germany, and went for a day trip to the west) The Eastern side was far more interesting to me as a tourist.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Like postwar London. Public transportation running past bombed out buildings. I can’t think of the title but there’s a film out there about a torch singer who lives in a bombed out building like the woman folding linens in this short. Amazing. Ah, the city’s bombed out. Taxi!

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  3. It illustrates what I have been reading recently, a series of stories centered in Berlin in the period 1935-50. The Adlon Hotel is often mentioned. You would think people who survived all that would somehow find a different way forward that would prevent such things ever happening again. But WW2 was only two decades after WW1. Human nature seems to be to hold grudges and seek vengeance. History tells the story over and over. We build and we destroy. All for what?

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