The Blue Light: Part Thirteen

This is the thirteenth part of a fiction serial, in 780 words.

Tom was released on bail, pending investigation. But by the time he got home that night after collecting his car from the school car park, there was no trace of Sarah and the kids. He eventually found a note on the pillow in the bedroom. She was at her parents’ house and would not be coming back. Unable to understand why Kirsty had said what she had to Miss Pilbeam, he felt his life unravelling around him.

Sarah would never believe he hadn’t touched the girl, and he doubted whether Pilbeam or the local Education Authority would either. In all his years of teaching nothing remotely like this had happened before. What was it about Kirsty today that had made him agree her to see her alone?

Looking out the window of the farmhouse, Adam was expecting old Jess to arrive to complain about the fencing. But so far, there had been no sign of him. Maybe he hadn’t been in the top field to notice? Time would tell, he was bound to discover the damage soon. That night, he slept through the blue light, but it still illuminated his bedroom. When he woke up the next morning, he felt full of energy, and ready for anything.

Detective Constable Frazier was glad that he was accompanied by a female officer, Sergeant Carlyle. There was something strange about this Kirsty Douglas, and the girl made him feel uncomfortable. She kept crossing her legs, and spreading her knees, and as the Sergeant questioned her, she was looking at him, not Carlyle. He started to feel very warm, and kept fiddling with his tie.

Kirsty’s mother had to be there for the official statement, but she was of little use. She sat chain-smoking in her armchair, staring out of the window. Unlike her dauughter, she had made no effort for the visitors, and was still in her dressing gown, her hair flat on one side from where she had slept on it.

By contrast, the girl appeared to be dressed for a night out. Short black dress, polka-dot nylon tights, and far too much make-up for someone who was still legally a child. It seemed to him that the Sergeant was trying to catch her out, but the girl was more than a match for her.

“Like I told you, I’m not much good at Maths. He told me I had to come back after school to go over the Geometry, so I did. As soon as I sat down, he put his hand up my skirt and touched me. Well, rubbed me really. It couldn’t have been an accident, and he looked like he enjoyed it. I told him straight away that I wanted to go, and he let me leave”.

Carlyle had done some research on Tom Corcoran. Not one complaint after all those years in teaching, and nothing about him had ever come to the attention of the police. He had never so much as had a parking ticket. Not much of a go-getter by all accounts, but a family man with long service at the same school. As far as she was concerned, he just didn’t feel right as a sex offender. She pushed the girl further.

“You’re telling me he touched you over your tights and panties. That means ther is no forensic evidence that we could discover. But I will take away the tights you were wearing yesterday, in case there is any DNA on them from his fingers”. Kirsty shrugged. “They are in the wash now, along with all my uniform. Seemed a good time to wash them, as I was given the day off”. The Sergeant pushed again. “In that case, it is your word against his, and we may not have enough to prosecute him. What do you say to that?”. This time, she smiled, a smile that made Constable Frazier even more uncomfortable.

“Well if you want to leave a pervert free to touch other schoolgirls, we will see what the newspapers and local TV have to say about that. Let him go, and I will be contacting them, believe me”.

Sergeant Carlyle believed her.

“Okay then, Kirsty. I have your statement, and will continue to investigate your allegation. I will of course let you know what happens”. With that, they both stood up and left. Kirsty’s mum didn’t even acknowledge their goodbyes. In the car, she turned to Frazier. “Was it just me, or is there really something creepy about the girl?” He turned the ignition key. “Not just you, Sarge. I felt it too”.

As they drove off, Kirsty was waving to them from the doorway. He could swear she was laughing.

25 thoughts on “The Blue Light: Part Thirteen

  1. (1) Tom’s math equation:
    (Pillow – Pil) + (Pilbeam – Pil) + (blue light) = low beam of blue light
    (2) Bad citation: “Adam was expecting old Jess to arrive to complain about the fencing. After all, he’d never been challenged to a duel using a foil, épée, or sabre.”
    (3) Constable Frazier “started to feel very warm, and kept fiddling with his tie” as Kirsty continued to cross her legs. For a moment, he imagined that he was Michael Douglas, and that Kirsty Douglas was Sharon Stone.
    (4) Sgt. Carlyle kept pushing Kirsty further and further. She thought about conducting the interrogation at Beachy Head, but she knew that Kirsty would never fall for that.
    (5) Overheard:
    Sgt. Carlyle: ““You’re telling me he touched you over your tights and panties?”
    Kirsty: “Yes, he not only touched every single polka dot om my tights, but he also ran his fingers down the stripes on my panties. He explained that we would soon be studying circles and parallel lines in geometry class, and that he wanted me to get a feel for what was to come.”
    (6) What Kirsty didn’t say: ““Well if you want to leave a pervert free to touch other schoolgirls, I’ll get revenge. Tom is mine! All mine!” (Hell has no fury like a schoolgirl scorned.)
    (7) Quotes:
    (Sexy) Jessica Rabbit: “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”
    (Creepy) Kirsty Douglas: “I’m not bad. The blue light just made me act that way.”

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