Retro Music 35

I am going back to 1962 with this choice. I was only 10 years old, but I knew I had to have this record as soon as I heard it on the radio. This was his only major hit, but it was a very big one. Chris Montez changed his style later and became a ballad singer, never achieving the same level of fame again. Now aged 80, he is still working.

26 thoughts on “Retro Music 35

  1. Pete, my older brother was in the Coast Guard, and he left me all of his rock albums…I was 10 when I learned about some of the all-time great bands – no Pete, NOT Beatles! John Mayall’s Blues Band, Frank Funk Railroad, Jimi Hendrix, Cream…this young boy’s mind was blown!

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  2. I remember reading a book by the mother of moors murder victim Lesley Ann Downey. She recalls searching for Lesley at a fairground where her daughter was last seen at. This record was playing as she searched, and now whenever I hear this song I think about that poor desperate mother.

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