Victorian England: Moving Pictures In Colour

This is one of my favourite finds online. Film images taken in the late 1800s in places around England. Street Parades, funfairs, seaside Towns, as well as shopping districts and markets, public transport, and busy traffic. It also features the many different social classes of the time, from workers to wealthy landowners and dignitaries.

The original 9-minute film has been carefully enhanced for video, providing some amazing detail, and also colourised for full effect.

44 thoughts on “Victorian England: Moving Pictures In Colour

  1. It is beyond comprehension how much we have changed in one hundred years. I have my own theories for that of course. The leap in technology and science from 1902 to 2002 is inexplicable unless we had a huge helping hand with it.

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  2. There’s AI out there that has the gray to color scale down. In the B&W film days they had a chart showing how color x would translate to grayscale. I read something by actor James Arness saying how “Gunsmoke” required a whole “new” wardrobe that looked like what people might wear when they switched to color, unlike what they had to wear to shoot in B&W. “We looked like comic book characters. Orange shirts and light green pants. An outsider would have thought we were all colorblind.” Nice work, there, Pete.

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  3. There are some very interesting people here, doing some interesting things! I imagine they were amused at the idea of being photographed but probably didn’t imagine that we would be looking at them in 2023. Nice range of dogs!

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    1. They would have had no idea that we were looking at them long after they were all dead. 🙂 Dogs have always been popular in England, for as far back as it has existed.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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