36 thoughts on “Cities Around The World In Colour: 1910-1920s

  1. All these cities seem to be basking in the recovery and new-found energy post- WWI. Amazing to see some vehicles still being pulled by horses! If only the Euopean cities knew what was coming in a little more than a decade…

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    1. Horses were still widely used up to 1945, and in some cases, much later. When I was a child in London in the 1950s, milk, coal, and other goods like beer were routinely delivered by horse-drawn carts.
      It is interesting to see cities that would later be so badly affected by WW2.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Traffic in cities is nothing new of course. Even the Romans had issues with that here, in old Londinium. I think there are more people because more people had to walk everywhere, but that’s just my theory.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I am grateful that I stayed on until the end, especially for the chance to see Tokyo. What a contrast to the contemporary Western cities. I also learned that crossing the street on foot has been dangerous for at least 100 years!

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  3. It’s always the animals I look at, of course! And the crowds which even back then were significant. I am allergic to crowding. Nice to see women without those cumbersome long skirts. The standout is of course Tokyo which was a surprise but there is no telling what part of Tokyo may have been filmed, I suppose. All very interesting.

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