Retro Music 40

In 1965, The Walker Brothers released a cover version of a Bacharach/David song that had been a minor hit for Jerry Butler three years earlier. With the powerful lead vocal of Scott Walker, the new version became a hit around the world. I already had the original on record, but I bought the new version too.

Here are both versions.

(It was also covered by Dionne Warwick, but not until 1970.)

26 thoughts on “Retro Music 40

  1. I remember the Jerry Butler and Dionne Warwick versions, but not the Walker one. I would note that I always been amused at the term “cover” when it comes to songs and instrumentals. It makes it sound as if they are trying to hide the earlier version(s). Warmest regards, ED

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    1. Sometimes they were, I’m sure.
      The Beatles had a massive hit in the UK with ‘Twist and Shout’. The Isley Brothers hit version was never mentioned, nor was the original release by the Top Notes. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Anything by the Walker Brothers always reminds me of being clamped to a tomography machine for radiotherapy, as their records always seemed to be playing in the room at the time. Excuse me if I don’t listen to it, lol.

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