Windows 11: Some Questions

I use a Hewlett-Packard PC for blogging, bought new with Windows 10 pre-installed. It seems to suit me very well, though I have only the most basic knowledge of how to use computers. I do not explore all the possibilties of computing, using it only for blogging, photo storage, emails, and an occasional word document.

Microsoft has been sending me invitations to download Windows 11. It is currently free to do this, and Windows 10 is unlikely to be supported after 2025. So I would like to ask PC users already using Windows 11 if they recommend that I do this.

I also have some other questions, and forgive me if they seem obvious or simple to you.

1) Will the change to Windows 11 lose the photos currently stored on the PC? (Or does all that have nothing to do with Microsoft?)
2) Will it lose the settings and shortcuts that I use regularly?
3) Will I need to reinstall my current Antivirus software, and other intsallations like Disk De-Fragmenter?
4) Will I lose any or all saved passwords on Google Chrome?
5) Is it drastically different to W10? Will I need to ‘learn’ how to use W11 from scratch?

Thanks in advance for your help.

52 thoughts on “Windows 11: Some Questions

  1. I updated it to 11 quite a while back, and although it does look slightly different, I didn’t have any major issues. As long as the computer has all the requirements, I don’t think it should be a problem. Don’t worry about the passwords on Google Chrome. Those are saved on Google, the browser, and you can access them from any computer at all, no matter what system you use. I had no issue with my saved pictures either, although I am not a big photographer and don’t have as many as you do (saving them elsewhere for your own use is always a good idea, perhaps even on Google Drive, but it depends on how many we’re talking about). I’m not an expert either, but if I have managed, I guess everybody can. (I don’t think it would affect your Antivirus either, as I don’t remember if I had to do anything about mine. If I did, it couldn’t have been very traumatic, because I don’t remember it). Anything that is compatible with Windows and worked in Windows 10, unless it is too old, should play well with Windows 11, but if you have specific doubts about an App or a programme, I think Google is always your friend, and you can check if anybody has any comments about it online.
    Good luck, Pete!

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  2. I have 10 on a couple of older laptops and they’ll stay that way. I have my last desktop in a corner with 10. It’s just old and tired and over the years all the ways I tried to turn a yard dog into a show dog just kept aging. I have a new, loaded Win 11 machine that hauls ass, but damn is it ever quirky. It tends to freeze when asked to perform several tasks at once and has pissed me off repeatedly. I’ve customized the look to suit my workflow and when it runs, it’s fabulous. But I have lowered all my auto save values down to no more than two minutes, which shows how little faith I have in its stability. Do it now, do it later. Personally, if what you have works for you, don’t fix what ain’t broke.

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  3. There are a number of minor annoyances. The start menu is modified and in the center. Drop down menus have been slightly altered. For example it takes two drop down menus in some instances to copy and then two more to paste. You should loose no files and keep existing software (applications). Other than using more sewar words than I used to, I only fine some things still annoying after four months. Warmest regards, Ed

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      1. The annoyances are a result of the changes they made and are built in to 11. Or one could say, the annoyances are a result of my getting used to the earlier configuration and now having to adjust my years of habitual use. Best of luck. Ed

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  4. I upgraded to Windows 11 a couple years ago and it all went smoothly, and I don’t remember having any issues. But recently my photos moved to a new directory on my PC. I have no idea why but I’m thinking it might have been a recent patch or update. Annoying to be sure. I’m not going to change it back for now as there are thousands of files and I suspect a new PC is in my future this year.

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  5. I just recently upgraded to windows 11 and found very little difference and some things are actually working better now. I waited for almost a year but I didn’t want to be left behind. My pictures are all still there and easier to access, I think I did have to put my passwords in again but that’s OK. I try not to save many on Google. All my documents etc are all there. It was really quite easy and you can change back to Windows 10 if you really don’t like it. I am probably the least technical person you will meet by the way.

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  6. I dread being asked to upgrade as it always leads to hours of hair-pulling. Like you, I can only do the basics even though I used to be quite good on a computer. It has all escalated way past my abilities and I resent that these companies try to force changes on us.

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  7. Hi Pete. I also bought my laptop with Windows 10 installed. As Windows 10 is still supported by Microsoft (it’s still being updated), I see no reason to change as the operating system works well for blogging, sending emails, word processing and playing media (E.G. BBC Iplayer). When my laptop falls over I will have to buy a Windows 11 machine, but until then I’ll stick to my Linova Windows 10 laptop. I also know many companies are relucant to change to a new operating system until all bugs have been ironed out and know personally of one organisation who are in no hurry to move to Windows 11. I hope this helps. Best wishes. Kevin

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    1. That does help, Kevin. I ignored the previous upgrade to W10 until it was too late. Then when I had probems with it working on my previous PC, I bit the bullet and bought a new one. I am tempted to wait until the end of 2024 at least, until the new version is fully developed.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  8. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to upgrade. As far as I can tell Windows 11 seems aimed at people who are gamers or use Apps more than a business machine. I read the information given on the latest notification that I got on my Dell laptop (learn more) which had quite a few things that will no longer be available. I have decided it is not for me and will continue with Windows 10 until forced to change. In fact my older Samsung laptop cannot be upgraded so will remain as it is.
    1) photos are in folders not part of the operating system, but I would definitely have a backup, same with any documents.
    2) antivirus should be OK, but maybe check. Microsoft does have habit of wanting to use its own software.
    3) Google passwords should be fine. I think you can download them from settings. I’ll have a look and let you know how to as I have done that myself. Microsoft will want you to use Edge or whatever their new version is, but you can keep the default as chrome.

    Can’t remember the other questions, I am on my phone, but I’ll get back to you when I have the computer on.

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      1. To save Passwords kept in Chrome.
        Chrome settings (the three dots on the right of the toolbar), autofill, password manager, and next to the saved passwords are three more dots, click on them and you can export the data. I have mine saved in an excel document.

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