The Last Sunday Musings For January

The weather warmed up after the recent ‘big chill’. We went from -7C one night, to +4C the next day. Still cold, especially in the wind, but nowhere near as bad as the previous weeks.


On Thursday the heating engineer returned by arrangement, this time to do a complete service of the heating system. We only needed one new complete part, a condenser, and its partly-perished hose. He even called in a colleague to help realign and tighten the flue pipe, securing it solidly into the system. Before he left, he looked at the main bedroom radiator, which had a ‘stuck’ thermostat. Two minutes later, and that was working too. I didn’t even have to pay him anything that afternoon, as his company will send me a detailed invoice by email, in due course. It was a great service all round, and I really don’t care how much the bill will be, as the heating is working better than ever.


Ollie began shaking his head again on Thursday evening, and we knew that he would have to go back to the Vet’s. When I rang them on Friday morning, I was pleased to be offered an appointment that same afternoon. Ollie was prescribed the same treatment he had last time, as it had worked so well. But this time he has to be checked over in ten days, to ensure that the swelling has gone down inside his ears. He hates me putting the tube into his ears, and sometimes gives me a warning growl. So we worked out a system where Julie shows him a treat, then holds his head still. When it is over, he gets the treat and soon forgets his discomfort.
If only we could be as resiilient as dogs! (Doughnuts would work as my treat.)


Julie has not been into work at all this week, due to a persistent cough and sore throat that made her lose her voice and kept her awake at night. Naturally, she tested for Covid, but was negative. And this time, I didn’t catch it! (Whatever it was…)


I am wishing you a happy and peaceful Sunday, wherever you are.


51 thoughts on “The Last Sunday Musings For January

  1. I hope both, Julie and Ollie get better soon. It’s a bad time of the year for ailments all around. Good to hear that the heating is sorted and the experience was painless. Finding a good company is better than finding a hidden treasure. Do enjoy the warmer weather. Here it seems it will get better over the next few days, but it’s been quite chilly for us. Have a great week.

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    1. Thanks, Olga. Julie was well enough to go back to work this week. I am still strugling with Ollie’s ear treatment, but a nice treat for him after the application seems to help.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Poor Ollie does go through the mill with his ears, bless him…Happy Days, Pete now your heating is all fixed…4 degrees I haven’t been that far in front of you for the last few days 10 degrees I am freezing and layering up my clothes as we don’t have heating although it does get up to the 20s by the afternoon :)xx

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  3. (1) The high yesterday was 61° F (16° C). I wore a sweater as I climbed to the top of Cheyenne Mountain on the western edge of the Las Vegas Valley.
    (2) If the bill is cheaper than normal, your neighbors are going to give you a lot of heat.
    (3) I’d send you a doughnut, but it might get stale in the mail.
    (4) As you know, I hiked up a mountain on Sunday (see above), and also watched some rock climbing (rope and carabiners) over in the Calico Hills.

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    1. Julie is now well enough to go back to work next week, fortunately. Ollie’s ear issues are a breed problem, and have been constant throughout his life. We just have to keep trying to stop them getting worse.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. good news about the heating system. It feels so good when you find such a satisfactory company! Poor Ollie. My cat Lucy was discovered to have awful ear problems that must have been very painful. We were appalled when we saw the images. Animals are so stoic. One of my vets explained that in the wild, animals that show pain become lunch! But is makes it hard to know when they suffer. I do hope Ollie gets good relief soon.

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    1. Unfortunately, the ears are a lifelong issue for Ollie, and other dogs of his breed. The best we can do is to try to make him more comfortable, but he hates having the gel put down his ears, so that makes me upset too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. Hoping Julie’s had the last of it for this winter, that Ollie does not need to endure further indignities, and that your heating system — and ours — continues to be in tip top shape.

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  6. I slipped on black ice 10 days ago and am now lying on the sofa with a sore knee.

    I wish Julie and Ollie a speedy recovery. And that you are spared from everything.
    I also wish you a happy Sunday.
    Best wishes, Irene

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  7. It does feel a bit milder today; up here, anyway. I desperately need a good washing day tomorrow 😉 No indoor drying options. I hope Ollie’s treatment works quickly and you both get clear of lurgy. Cheers, Jon.

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