32 thoughts on “The Earliest Moving Pictures?

    1. That is well-known, and very famous. It is a series of animated still photos though, a much earlier technique popular before motion pictures. Then again, even they are just a series of still frames projected at the right speed, I know. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. (1) The video quality of the “Roundhay Garden Scene” is far superior to the other ones in the list of five, even though it’s the oldest (1888).
    (2) The often chaotic traffic depicted in “A Trip Down Market Street” was fascinating because there were bicycles, cars, streetcars, and horse-drawn vehicles.

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  2. When I look back at this sort of thing I can’t help thinking about all the human awfulness that was to come. I wonder how many traffic accidents there were. Everyone seems to meander about casually! I get the ghost sensation too.

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