Watney Market 1973-1978: The Photos Of Tony Bock

Watney Street Market in East London was once one of London’s largest street markets. Trading since 1881, it was later redeveloped into a pedestrianised shopping precinct, and now very few market stalls remain there.

Eileen Armstrong, selling fruit and vegetables.

Joe The Grocer, in his shop.

Gladys McGee, a local poet and writer.

Redevelopment begins. Joe The Grocer’s shop is being demolished.

36 thoughts on “Watney Market 1973-1978: The Photos Of Tony Bock

  1. I loved these markets such a shame progress stepped in and paved them over that’s why I love the markets here they are everywhere and hopefully, they will stay that way at least in my lifetime …Thank you for the trip down memory lane, Pete, London had and still does have some great markets.xx

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  2. Boston had a wonderful market like that in the late 60’s when I was in college. I loved going there. After that it was demolished, replaced by brutalist style government buildings. Also a tourist spot called “Quincy Market” which is an assortment of tourist stuff and places to eat. Very sad to see people flocking there not knowing what they are missing.

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    1. The demise of the high street shops and cheap markets is something of a tragedy, Carolyn. But in an almost cashless society, they would be struggling, I suspect.
      Best wishes, Pete


  3. (1) In the absence of mistletoe, you could kiss beneath a hand of bananas.
    (2) Where’s the self-checkout line?
    (3) Shouldn’t A.A. Fisher sell seafood instead of country pork sausages?
    (4) English King Edwards are a variety of potatoes. My eyes noticed that.
    (5) I wonder what’s in the back of that station wagon with the tailgate down and the rear window up?
    (6) Is the Watney Street Market still around? I need to buy some chutney.
    (7) Gladys McGee wrote many lines of poetry. Some of those lines were borrowed from her face.
    (8) “I can’t afford a pram, so I put my baby in this here box!”
    (9) “First, mum asks me to clean up my room. And now she wants me to clean up the street? I don’t think so! I’m out of here!”
    (10) If only the boy’s mother knew her son was looking at pictures of young girls in frilly lingerie.
    (11) “Let me squeeze those again. I don’t know. They seem okay.”
    (12) When Joe saw his shop being demolished, he was devastated, and his wife, who was used to the income, became a nervous wreck.

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