Some More Random Historical Photos

Summer 1941. “Detroit, Michigan. Girls playing cards and drinking Coca-Cola.”
Photo by Arthur Siegel for the Office of War Information. This was part of a set showing these girls playing ‘Strip Poker’. As it was commissioned by the War Office, I can only presume it was intended to increase the morale of the troops. Even though it was before Pearl Harbour.

This lady is taking no chances. Having seen the sign, she is removing her high-heeled shoes. America, 1950s

A young woman seeing if a dress will fit her. London, 1960s.

An underage boy smoking in the street. Scotland, 1968.

Female drinkers in a Glasgow pub, 1960s.

A very trendy fashion model showing off the famous ‘Egg Chair’. 1960s.

An underground train passenger noticing the photographer. London, 1980s.

Excitable girls on an underground train. London, 1980s.

A man down on his luck, hoping to get money by selling matches. London, 1984.

50 thoughts on “Some More Random Historical Photos

  1. Oh man. The egg chair! They had one with speakers in the egg and an 8 track cart in the pedestal down at Mad Man Muntz’s 8 car stereo shop in my home town. There was a blonde, otherwise a clown of this model with, uh, more “qualifications nod nod wink wink and we would trek just to sit in the egg and fantasize..

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  2. HI Pete, a lovely and interesting selection of pictures. I hate seeing pictures of people ‘down on their luck’. I am finding all the beggars thronging the streets of Johannesburg lately very depressing. You can help a few but its like a drop in the ocean. Greg told me yesterday that only 50% of the world population earn more than $4800 a year. That is a really depressing piece of information, to be honest.

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  3. (1) Soldiers are wondering what Pearl, the girl from Detroit, might harbor beneath that last layer of clothing.
    (2a) By taking off her shoes, the distance to the next floor will be a couple of inches farther up.
    (2b) I once ran down an up escalator. I felt like a heel.
    (3) Overheard:
    London girl: “Do you have a change room?”
    London retailer: “No, but there’s room for you to change here in the street.”
    (4) “Holy smokes, Batman! That underage boy’s been Robin the store’s cigarettes again!”
    (5) Meanwhile, overage women are getting drunk at the pub.
    (6) I always enjoy seeing a sexy chick in an Egg Chair!
    (7) You have underground trains. We had the Underground Railroad.
    (8) Is that lady practicing her ballet battement, or is she preparing to kick the train door open?
    (9) “By my safety matches so that I can go shopping at Sainsbury’s.”

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  4. That last photograph is a heart-wrencher. The 60’s were quite a trip…the fashions…they were dizzying. Or maybe that was the drugs…(.not me, I was totally “square” and boring.) Those wretched shoes with spiky heels were a menace. I read a story of a woman who fell on an escalator and it was horrible. Ugg. Not to mention was those shoes did to our feet. Those ladies in Glasgow look happy but so malnourished.

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    1. I think everyone looked older back then, Doug. They had harder lives, much less food to eat, and were also expected to act ‘grown up’ and be responsible adults at an age unheard of today. My mum left school at the age of 14, in 1938. She had to work a 45-hour week in an office job, and was expected to help out at home too. The year she was 15, war was declared, and she was already very ‘grown up’ by then.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. In the lst picture I think that coke might have had a little rum in it. And those gals in the pub… Glad the camera wasn’t around to catch them playing strip poker. I guess a lot of the things in the 80’s were hold overs from the 60’s.
    Nice post, Pete.

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