Vintage Fashions And Street Clothes Around The World: 1908-1971

Shoppers in London, 1908.

Women in Japan wearing western clothing, 1928.

Snappy dressers in America, 1940.

Girls showing ‘Nautical fashion’. America, 1941.

Smart young boys in Chicago, 1941.

Bettie Paige, the iconic pin-up model. America, 1952.

Fashion model close to the Eiffel Tower. Paris, 1955.

Some smartly dressed men in Jamaica, 1956.

Models displaying the latest fashions at an American racetrack, 1957.

Irish farmers enjoying a drink. Ireland, 1963.

Mini-skirted girls attracting attention. South Africa, 1965.

A matching couple in Carnaby Street, London. 1966.

London street fashion, 1966.

South Asian men buying ice cream. England, 1971.

46 thoughts on “Vintage Fashions And Street Clothes Around The World: 1908-1971

  1. (1) “Last Days of Sale…” First days of bank withdrawals.
    (2) Fans of the West.
    (3) Those snappy dressers are top drawer.
    (4) Back in 1941, the warehouse was busy sending nautical fashion shipments.
    (5) That car belongs to a pirate. There’s a patch over one of its eyes.
    (6) Didn’t Bettie Page star in “The Notorious Gretchen Mol”?
    (7) I hate to break it to the lady in Paris, but that ruff is way too big for her.
    (8) “Did jamaica trip to America last weekend, or didja stay home, drink a batch of rum, and dream about the future of Reggae?”
    (9) Those women’s dresses are going to distract the horses.
    (10) “Danny boy’s drinking whiskey in the jar.”
    (11) Headline: “Girls Seen Wearing Mini-Skits. The Natives Are Restless.”
    (12) “Maybe we’ll get a backstage pass after Glen Campbell sings ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’.”
    (13) When it comes to fashion, she’s a well-rounded woman. (Although, she made a mistake with those earrings.)
    (14) Mr. Whippy has a rare butterfly collection. With his net, he captures every butterfly that flutters by, and then sticks a pin in them. (And, yes, Mr. Whippy’s hobby is actually funded by ice cream sales. That’s a cold hard fact.)

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    1. Oh, Cindy. I would never have worn a suit with such decoration. I had smarter suits in 1966; Italian Mohair 3-piece suits, made to measure. (The material was stolen goods, so my dad paid the tailor to make them bespoke. 🙂 🙂 )
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  2. Always enjoy fashion photos but we seem to become scruffier. Those ladies from 1908 look so smart but they must have had whole cupboards for hats alone. I can’t imagine going through a day wearing such a weight of clothing. I think it’s a shame people around the world are tending to wear similar clothing. I always loved national outfits.

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