31 thoughts on “More Interesting Historical Photographs

  1. (1) All those wedding rings. “Till death do we part.” But not in such a tragic way, and far too soon…
    (2) I took one look at that woman on the moon, and exclaimed, “Far out!”
    (3) Actually, that log cabin is normal size. I know this to be true because I heard their father exclaim, “Honey, I shrunk the kids!”
    (4) Someone praised Mary’s mother. She replied, “Aw, shucks! Ain’t nothin’!”
    (5) Those people in West Berlin are just plane grateful.
    (6) Someone was just trying to get a picture of Nagasaki. And this big cloud came along and photobombed it.
    (7) Soviet peasant listening to the radio: “Why are are we listening to The Six Shooter? I mean, I like Jimmy Stewart, right? But this is just wrong!’

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    1. (6) I don’t think I have seen a photo of the Nagasaki bomb taken from that angle before. Hard to imagine that the photographer would have survived. But we have the photo that suggests they did.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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