Retro Music 48

This song was first released in 1957, when I was too young to know much about it. But in 1963 The Kingsmen recorded a cover version and by that time I was 11, and already into all kinds of music. Considered to be R&B, it seemed to defy any genre to me at that age, and felt completely unique. I had a copy on vinyl and played it constantly, even though the lyrics were very simple, about someone returning home across the sea to his girlfriend.

That didn’t matter, as this song had a ‘Vibe’ and it still does today. Since 1963 the song has been covered almost 2,000 times, by hordes of other performers. It’s The Kingsmen’s version that takes me back to my childhood bedroom though.

The lyrics are on the video.

40 thoughts on “Retro Music 48

  1. I first learned about this group when my mother told me that, “All the Kingsmen and all the Kingshorses couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” (With this comment, I’m pretty sure I have egg on my face. Perhaps I should scramble to delete it?)

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      1. It is going better all the time! I am back int Ri until after Feb Vacation. The I can head back to Maine and wrap up the house I feel. I really want to sell this spring. Then figure out the next phase of things. Thankx for asking. I don’t have internet at the house, just on the phone so it does not work for WordPress. Working on the self, and am in a very good place. Picking up the business journal more for ideas and I think I will work on blogs, leave them in draft and publish as I can. Hugs and best wishes! Pejj

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  2. Such a fun song and has a strong connection to the Pacific NW back in the sixties. It comes on during the 7th inning stretch at the Seattle Mariner baseball games when everyone stands and sings along. I think I’m ready for baseball this spring! 🙂

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  3. For a brief period in 1970 I shared a flat with a work colleague and this song is one she introduced me to but I don’t remember what group sang her version. Living “at home” I didn’t hear anything like the variety of music I would have on my own. I relied on my car radio and often listened to classical music because it was what I knew. In fact there are few sorts of music I don’t like.

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