24 thoughts on “Some More Very Interesting Historical Photographs.

  1. (1) Had the man on the rowing machine aboard the RMS Titanic put a little more effort into it, the ship might never have hit the iceberg! (How would that have affected the careers of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio?)
    (2) Couldn’t the orphan have been served food in a Mogadishu dish?
    (3) I don’t know how many were killed by U.S. Marines armed with a football, but at least they gave the enemy a sporting chance.
    (4) Those gas masks must have been quite durable if it took a gas mask drill to put a hole in them.
    (5) Harry S Truman had muscular thighs!
    (6) Ronald Reagan was a real cowboy. That Native American nearly scalped him!

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