Sunday Musings On Ollie’s Birthday

I have posted separately about the ‘Birthday boy’ today. It is impossible to imagine life without Ollie being a part of it.


After the numerous car troubles lately, we are going to test drive a much newer used car on Monday. It is what they like to call an SUV, with optional 4-wheel drive that can be useful when you live in the countryside. If we like it, and ‘do the deal’, I will update you soon.


Another wonderful example of living in a village, and an honest tradesman. A very near-neighbour and fellow dog walker is a builder by trade. I recently asked him if he knew any roofers who could look at the small leak in our roof. He replied that he would look at it on Saturday, and see if he could fix it. Sure enough, he turned up yesterday in his van, got his ladder up the side of the house, and said that as far as he could tell, it was just a case of some rubber sealant coming away from the base of the chimney. He went back up with some black mastic sealer, and did the job.

Then he was reluctant to take any money. Saying, “I didn’t do much”. When pressed to take something he said, “Just give me Β£10 then”.

I gave him Β£20.


The weather has warmed up after a frosty start to the week. 10 C feels much more civilised, and we no longer have to scrape the windscreens on our cars.


The recent short story I published showed that some readers really liked the main character, Mabel. So she will feature in my next fiction serial, which I will not start until March.


Whatever you are doing this Sunday, try to do it with a smile on your face.


64 thoughts on “Sunday Musings On Ollie’s Birthday

  1. Our ceiling fan in the bedroom died and we had to replace it. Our neighbor is an electrician so we asked him what to buy and would he put it in. We were prepared to pay him the going rate, but he refused. Charlie even gave him extra to take his wife out, but he handed it back. He said “we’re neighbors.” That said it in his mind!

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  2. (1) Ollie’s birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday! (Having spent much of my life in Kansas City, Missouri, I was glad the Chiefs won!) (Also, I was hiking Lake Mead’s southern Bowl of Fire during the Super Bowl, during which the Chiefs were on fire!)
    (2) Is the SUV actually 4-wheel drive, or is it all-wheel drive? I know that’s an AWD question to ask.
    (3) Overheard:
    Tradesman: β€œJust give me Β£10.”
    Beetley Blogger: “Take Β£20.”
    Tradesman: “Okay, give me Β£10, and I’ll take Β£20.”
    (4) I had to run the A/C while driving around town today.
    (5) If Mabel hires a cheap mechanic to fix her Honda Jazz, she’ll have to face the music, as it still won’t run.
    (6) On Sunday, I hiked the southern Bowl of Fire over in Lake Mead NRA. I started out with a sweater, as the fiery bowl was a bit chilly, but I ended up taking it off. We had a sausage picnic. No serving bowls were used, but we did roast the sausages over a fire.

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  3. Asa far as Sunday’s go I drove 2.5 course each way to deliver a rescue dog to a distant small town airport to further her journey to her new home. Due to unpredictable weather she stayed with us and the two setters for two days. A sweet old girl. A Hovawart. Never heard of them before but they are sweet natured working dogs, far less frenetic than my German Sheperd Granddog.

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  4. Happy Birthday Ollie, hope you enjoyed the chicken and edible card.
    Nice to see there are still good people in this world and a neighbour in Beetley who would have thought, just shows country living is the way to go

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