Some More 1960s Photos

There is no particular theme in these photos I found online. Most were taken in London, in the 1960s.

‘Beatlemania’. This was the line used by the newspapers to describe the hysterical fans of The Beatles in the early 1960s.

This policeman has his hands over his ears to block out the screaming.

Policemen outside Buckingham Palace can barely hold back the fans as The Beatles receive their MBE awards in 1965.

Smart young men pose to show off the new ‘Mod’ fashion.
I would be convinced that the tall one is a young David Bowie, but his head looks suspiciously ‘superimposed’. πŸ™‚

‘Mod’ girls at the seaside, with their distinctive short hair.

Supermarkets were a new idea then, and attracted a lot of attention from the newspapers.
(This photo is from America, not England. Despite being in a ‘London’ set.)

A traditional ‘Sweet Shop’, with its smartly-dressed owner behind the counter.

Children crowd around an unusual ‘Bubble Car’, in 1961.
This one was a Messerschmitt KR200.

Two men in religious attire stroll through the red light district of London’s Soho.

40 thoughts on “Some More 1960s Photos

  1. (1) Overheard:
    Girl, screaming: “Are you a fan of the Beatles?”
    Policeman, screaming right back: “Yeah,! Yeah! Yeah!”
    (2) One policeman to the other: “These girls are a riot!”
    (3) David Bowie was kind enough to lend his head for the photo.
    (4) Overheard:
    Boy: “Can I demand your hand in marriage?”
    Girl: “Yes, but I hope you have deep pockets. I’m a MOD girl: Maintenance On Demand.”
    (5) “Our crumpets are made in the USA.”
    (6) “If you pucker up, I’ll give you a Kiss. And by the way, my pronouns are her/she.”
    (7) I hate to pop your bubble car, but that car won’t fly in the States.
    (8) It’s a true miracle when a nun can perform a nonstop striptease. (Reminds me of the miracle of the five loaves and two fish.)

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    1. (7) Because those cars had only 3 wheels, they could be driven on a motorcycle licence in Britain. That made them popular with drivers who did not have full car licences. There were two main models that sold well in the 1960s, and we still had 3-wheeled cars being sold here until the late 1970s. They were easy to park too! πŸ™‚,subsequently%20at%20Reliant's%20Tamworth%20factory.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The candy lady proves a lady’s not dressed without her pearls. I’m with you on the photoshop pic. Bubble cars are back as three-wheel motorcycles with a top and let’s all hope the priests were only window shopping🀣

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    1. I think that sweet shop lady knew in advance that the photographer was visiting. πŸ™‚
      Strippers would be too old for most priests. Evidence shows they like their girls to be much, much younger.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. What on earth possessed those girls to go so mad? I remember all the screaming and I didn’t understand it then either. Nuts! When I came to the US as soon as people learned I was from England it was “Do you know the Beatles?” Weird. It’s interesting to note that by the 60’s people were beginning to look better nourished! Those old sweet shops were nice. I could always find what I wanted.

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    1. People used to ask me if I knew various pop stars (or Royalty) when I went abroad. They must have thought everyone in England lived in the same street. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


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