46 thoughts on “Mini Skirts: A Photographic Tribute

  1. (1) Mini skirts and stairs go together like peanut butter and jelly.
    (2) I wondered how many mini skirts there were in this photo. There are ten. As for the girls, on a scale of one to ten… Oh, never mind!
    (3) Not everyone is suited to wear a mini skirt.
    (4) I’m just staring at the stairs.
    (5) First, someone laid the bricks. Then someone laid the girls.
    (6) Are those step-sisters?
    (7) Girl in yellow mini skirt: “No, no! Kiss me up here!”
    (8) Was that photo taken before a square dance?
    (9) “I’m full of green energy, ready to be consumed.”
    (10) Based on the bunny ear hand signals, I’d say these girls would rather be posing for Playboy.

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  2. Oh lord, fashion and stairs. I was in charge of the 197x year book and administration was beside themselves with girls’ fashions. I put some ladies in shirt skirts, long skirts, hippie chick skirts, short culottes, long culottes, gauchos, wide bells, peg legs high waisted and hip huggers on the stairs. My father, of all people, took the photo. I ran it with a short (very short) editorial about how fashion wrecked the dress code. Great stuff, Pete!

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  3. I remember them well. My wife and I attended the same high school and she and most of the other girls wore the mini-skirts and hippie garb. The school attempted to ban them, but the students won the battle. The British fashions spread to the US in record time, and even to old redneck Texas. There’s nothing like seeing a girl in a miniskirt riding a horse.

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  4. The minis weren’t bad, it was the micro skirts that were a bit ridiculous. Some of our uniformed staff cut their skirts so short I’m surprised they were allowed to get away with it. Not practical to work in!

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      1. New girls would take paperwork to the guys in the cockpit and one of them would ask “have you seen the golden rivet?” “No?” “Well it’s down here, take a look.” Of course I never fell for that! So many things that were just fun and nothing more would get you arrested now.

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  5. All those pictures came from my teen years. I remember how annoying to see guys trying to get a peek a boo. Still, nothing like today’s youth who leave nothing to the imagination when they step out of the house for the day. Mini skirts seem prudish!

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