More Rare Photos From History

I hadn’t previously seen the majority of the photos in this 11-minute video. Many are colourised for effect, and that works well. As well as the subtitles, there is some commentary explaining them.

Despite the rather sensationalist title of the video, none of the images are particularly distressing or upsetting. (In my opinion.)

22 thoughts on “More Rare Photos From History

  1. (1) We could use a balloon apron to defend the U.S. from Chinese spy balloons.
    (2) Robert told me that the USS Shaw was destroyed by a great white shark.
    (3) Did the South Koreans who cut boys’ hair short also cut the girls’ short skirts even shorter?
    (4) The narrator’s pronunciation of Ovillers-la-Boisselle made me cringe!
    (5) Foot soldiers posing with one of the penguin actors from “Happy Feet.”
    (6) Do amputees write short letters?

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  2. Some heart rending stuff there Pete. In a house we moved into we found photos of women and children lined up with German guards outside the gas chambers. They were ACTUAL photos pinned to the roof timbers.

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      1. I recall reading something in the last century that mentioned them. But, the article gave no further information; and, that was before the Internet and the ability to look things up without going to a library. Warmest regards, Ed

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