Sunday Musings On The 19th Of February

As most of you will have read, we bought a car on Monday to replace my dying Zafira. It will be collected on the 1st of March. If you didn’t see the post, this is the car.

We Did The Deal


Spring has sprung this week. We had an unseasonal increase in temperatures, especially overnight. The Spring bulbs are flowering everywhere, and I have even seen clouds of small insects flying around near the riverbank. The downside was the return of some rain, though it was fortunately not heavy enough to sour my mood.


Ollie seems to have been affected by the Spring feeling too, and has been unusually lively. Not only on his walks, but also around the house, where he has returned to long periods of wanting to play with his toys. After all his medical issues, it is heartwarming to see him like that again, though he suffers for it later, with very stiff legs.


Otherwise, it has been a very peaceful week. The kids have had the half-term break, so traffic has been light, and there is no noise in the mornings as they wait for the school bus to collect them from outside our house. Back to normal tomorrow.


February often feels like a month when I am just waiting for things to improve in March, and anticipate my birthday in that month. But for once it has been an enjoyable month so far, and has not flown by as fast as it usually does.


This will be the last post from me today, as I am not feeling so good, and might be going back to bed.


I hope you all have a very enjoyable Sunday, and send everyone my best wishes.


59 thoughts on “Sunday Musings On The 19th Of February

  1. I hope you are feeling better, Pete. I’ve been struggling with a cold for almost a week now and managed to lose my voice completely, so I feel your pain. It’s great to hear about Ollie. The weather has been milder here as well, although it’s supposed to get worse again in the next couple of days (we do need the rain, though)!

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  2. Oh wow, spring! Take care of yourself Pete. When I had my sigmoid surgery, i asked my surgical oncologist if he could also remove the kidney stones.He told me it was not practical because they are far apart. When I consulted a urogist and based on the ultrasound, the stones are not the kind that grows big but I took medications for it. Now and then, I have UTI though. Taking antibiotics for it now.

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  3. I love when evidence of spring starts to appear in the yard and surrounding landscapes, such a beautiful and lovely time of year. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well Pete. Sleep, rest, and repair. Sending good wishes and hugs to you, C

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  4. Pete, the warm Spring-like days are a blessing and after realising it is the green (garden) bin this week – the first this year- I set to gardening with a vengeance! A lovely way to spend Sunday. Wishing you well, take care!

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  5. Our daffodils are blooming as well as all my camellia bushes. All heralds of the coming spring. I hope you are able to recover quickly and enjoy the lovely seasonal changes. I am glad to hear Ollie is feeling better, too.

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  6. So sorry you are not feeling well. Hope it passes quickly. Our weather continues up and down and there is a possibility of snow next week which is much more normal this time of year. I envy you the Spring flowers that are always so cheering.

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    1. I think it is another case of kidney stones, Carolyn. I feel 50% better than I did last night. I had to go to bed before 10pm, feeling awful.
      The sunshine and Spring flowers made walking with Ollie very pleasant today.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  7. Our weather has been a rollercoaster. Midweek it was below freezing for two days. Tomorrow it will be 82 F. The trees and grass are as confused as we are. Between the two dogs and a wet late winter my back yard looks like straw embedded in dried mud, dotted with poop. I try to stay up to date with my shovel and bag but when it’s 30F with a stiff wind, no way.

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  8. I like Spring for all the color….sadly we have to wait a bit longer…..good news about Ollie but as an old fart myself I can sympathize with him on stiff joints…LOL I hope you are feeling better soon. Have a good day and rest chuq

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  9. Spring back into bed with some of ya great retro music, maybe have some of that dandelion nectar there waiting for you on Beetley moor. Dream of doing wheelies in your new car up through all this traffic lights of Beetley. Sunday midnight here, silly boy needs some zzzz

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  10. The new car looks very swish! The new tech in cars is bonkers, phil still hasn’t figured his out 😁. Glad Ollie has perked up. Saw some crocuses poking through the grass on my way home from work on Wednesday so am also looking forward to spring. Hope you feel better after a nap Pete.

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        1. I had a kidney ultrasound at Norwich hospital last September. They said that nothing significant showed up, and what I get are like ‘grains of fine sand’, so no Lithotripty. It still makes me feel very ill when it happens though, and the pain in my back throbs like anything.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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            1. I was told it was primarily caused by ‘hard water’. I limit myself to 3 cups of tea a day, and never drink any other tap water. But I still get it. The water where we live is so hard, it fouls the taps and we have to have them replaced every 5 years. We installed a water-softening device 5 years ago, but it can hardly cope with the local water. We have to replace kettles on a regular basis, and you can almost taste it in unboiled tap water.
              Best wishes, Pete.

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              1. Maybe buy bottled water just for drinking purposes? We have a water filter, and use the water in that for the kettle, the iron and the veggie steamer. They don’t get too calcified if we keep on with the filter.

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