Retro Music 54

Over 50 years ago, I heard a song on my car radio and knew immediately that I had to buy the single that day. It was undoubtedly American, and bordered on ‘Easy-listening’, but it played in my head for the rest of the day until I stopped at a shop to buy the record. I had heard of the singer before, but only for his collaboration with other bands.

It still sounds good today, in my opinion.

Doctor, my eyes have seen the years
And the slow parade of fears without crying
Now I want to understand
I have done all that I could
To see the evil and the good without hiding
You must help me if you can
Doctor, my eyes
Tell me what is wrong
Was I unwise to leave them open for so long?
‘Cause I have wandered through this world
And as each moment has unfurled
I’ve been waiting to awaken from these dreams
People go just where they will
I never noticed them until I got this feeling
That it’s later than it seems
Doctor, my eyes
Tell me what you see
I hear their cries
Just say if it’s too late for me
Doctor, my eyes
They cannot see the sky
Is this the prize
For having learned how not to cry?
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Jackson Browne
Doctor My Eyes lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

42 thoughts on “Retro Music 54

  1. Jackson Browne! Runnin down the road tryin to loosen my load, I got 7 women on my mind. Four that wanna stone me, two that wanna own me and one, well she’s a friend of mine. The song of the musician couch surfer.

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  2. Pete, I tried to email you a little time ago at the email address you gave me, but the first one got a message on it saying the address did not exist so I tried again with a short test email and it seemed to go through ok. Now the 1st one is showing up in my sent box, so could you tell me whether you received 2 of them, 1 of them or 0 of them, Lorraine xx

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  3. Pete, Jackson Browne is an Artist with 50 years of music to stand behind: classics like “The Pretender” and “Running On Empty” – and his brilliant song “Late For The Sky” is actually used in the film “Taxi Driver!”

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