Random Historical Photos From Britain: 1900-1970

No real theme in these, I just found each one interesting.

Female mill workers, 1900. (Partially colourised.)

Young mill girls with their bobbins, 1901.

City boys evacuated to the countryside during WW2, 1940.

WW2 rescue workers at the scene of German bombing of Cardiff, 1941.

Children in front of their bonfire for Guy Fawke’s Night, 1957.

A pub in Wales, 1960.

Slum conditions in Northern England, 1960.

Welsh miners help each other in the shower after their shift. 1960s

A teenage boy after his first full shift down a mine. Wales, early 1960s.

Welsh miners attend a union meeting outside the pit, late 1960s.

A man with his beloved racing pigeons, 1970.

31 thoughts on “Random Historical Photos From Britain: 1900-1970

  1. (1) “I read that by the year 2000, we’ll live in a fully colorized world!”
    (2) God gave Eve a bobbin to facilitate making clothing. But she threw it away, put on a fig leaf, and went bobbin’ for apples.
    (3) “Well, life on the farm is kinda laid back. Ain’t much a country boy like me can’t hack. It’s early to rise, early in the sack. Thank God I’m a country boy!”
    (4) WW2 palindrome – 2WW (2 Working Women).
    (5) When a guy fawkes up his job, he is either fired or is forced to resign.
    (6) While the adults enjoy their pub in Wales, the children play with toy whales in their tub.
    (7) “Slumwhere over the rainbow, skies are blue…”
    (8) Erich: “Hey, Billy! After we get out of the shower, let’s go watch Midnight Express.”
    (9) “If I keep mining, I’ll end up looking like Nat King Coal.”
    (10) “I think we can all agree that the conditions in the pit are pitiful.”
    (11) Racine pigeons are no faster than the ones in San Luis Obispo (SLO).

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    1. (5) Firework Night was such a big deal here, we would prepare for it all year. Saving money to buy fireworks, collecting wood for bonfires, etc. It was killed stone dead when we imported Halloween from America.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Some real stories in each of them pics. There have been a number of films about the kids going to the countryside during the war – ‘Railway Children’ but one.
    As for clothing, I’ve mentioned before here how I recall at school immigrant kids came with what I call “a British uniform” = a well worn suit jacket & stout shoes. I would say that was standard manufacture after WW1.

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  3. That miner boy doesn’t look very old. The evacuee boys look happy enough. It’s just occurred to me, where did the mums get the boys’ clothes from that you see in all those sort of pictures. Was there a special shop for identical cheap scratchy clothes; did they look like that to start with or only after being handed down!

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    1. You could leave school aged 15 in the 1960s. (I stayed on until 17, but most of my friends were working at 15) I’m guessing the young miner was just 15. As for the clothes, they might well have been second hand, or hand-me-downs.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. The face of that teenage boy says it all. I suppose this is where the term “the pits” comes from. Unimaginable. Do kids still ask for “a penny for the Guy?” I suppose it would be a pound now.

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